Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

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Today is Mother’s Day and I was telling a friend of mine that I get to teach this morning and she loves him a kind of funny she said I don’t think I have ever heard a woman teach on Mother’s Day. And I said. I don’t think I did either so welcome to the noumenal and millennium we’re going to have all woman fried on Mother’s Day and what does a woman talk about on Mother’s Day That is the question of the hour and I have asked that like a lot of times ever since I found out I was going to do this. And this song came to mind and I thought wow if there’s one thing a mother has to know is that all things are possible in Christ Jesus and that the things that he purpose and the things that he planned will come to pass we just have to step into line with him now that takes a lot of pressure off of us doesn’t it when that really it does our pressure is learning to die to self if we stay dead and alive in Christ then the walk is so much easier I can testify to that being one that likes to resurrect myself on a regular basis I understand the struggles that we have when the Lord comes back and says you know if you just die to yourself and do it my way you’d be a lot happier. Are we going to talk about this again he says Well yeah and then I die and I go. You know V eight thing. I know this God. So. First of all I have to tell you last night my family and I all there together. And we celebrated Mother’s Day early because when you have children who are married then they have two families to visit on Mother’s Day and it worked out really well until our baby got married so everybody’s mother did supper I prefer a lunch because then they all go home and I get to relax in the evening but and everybody it just worked like clockwork until the youngest one got married and guess what her mother always does long. And she’s bound to lunch because her son’s wife. Always does supper so I’m not just messin up my family’s messing up their family and I’m messing up another family it’s just not worth it so I said I don’t care what they we get together I just want to get together so last night we all went out to pizza because my daughter in law who has children I am not going to ask her to cook for me because she’s a mother and she needs a break as much as I do she probably needs it more she has five little ones I just have the joy of being the grandma it’s not as hard or time consuming so we went to Pizza Hut We all had pizza family all gathered all but the one daughter who lives in Wisconsin with her family. And then we decided we can’t just go home so let’s go bowling well there’s one bowling alley and Ford City has this bowling night thing and you bowl in the dark the glow in the dark thing and it’s cheap and you bowl from eight to love and while I have to tell you my plan was to be home by ten. My husband said he thought it’s been nine thirty so he was really thinking we’re going to go bowling game or two and go on instead we both for two hours Well let me rephrase that they bowled for two hours after the third game I’m like I’m not going to open my Bible in the morning and my fingers just open. But the good news is we did boys against girls and the women across the board beat all. I’m just sayin. God’s blessing on mother’s continuous. Well. It is Mother’s Day He was kind. Of the guys in too bad they gave us a good competition we just. Anyways it was a. Joy to be is my family and we did we laughed we talked the kids grandkids they bowled up a little storm of their own and they had bumpers we really kind of need those bumpers sometimes but we sucked it up we’re grown ups. So you know going through all of this I told her baby yesterday I was going to brag on the fact that the women won because it’s Mother’s Day Now if it was Father’s Day I wouldn’t tell the story because we want to honor fathers on Father’s Day but today is our day ladies and we started last night. You know being a mom is an incredible privilege and a difficult difficult task that without the grace of God we would all just pack it up and go to Hawaii yourself and live in a cave. Because we as women have been created to nurture to care for to train and to raise up our children not that the husbands don’t have a massive role in that and I’m not in any way. Putting down the role as a husband and a father because that has huge not as why God gave us a husband or wife because no one should be doing it alone if we have to God is there because he is faithful no matter what we face to always be there and to help us walk through anything we have to walk through but the purpose of God to have a husband and a wife coming together to become parents of children who are convinced that their way is the only way in their time frame is what the world should be going on and we all know that that’s how mothers feel and that’s how fathers feel and we all can’t have the world go the way we want if everybody wants to go a different way and so God brought order and he brought his word to us that we can refer to in every situation of our life so I said to father I don’t want to talk about. Proverbs thirty one that is not my favorite chapter is not because every time you hear about the Proverbs thirty one woman you realize how much you fall short of the glory of God in your life and there’s supposed to be an encouraging day women we are being courage it’s a Mother’s Day so are not going to talk about what we don’t do I want to talk about what God has called us to do because the one verse I really do like improv or sort of one is where the children will rise up and bless you and your husband will brag on you I like that one because I sell him as a promise we are all who can afford to and so as we drive through life with our children and in our responsibilities and that constant knowing if I want to be a good mom and I want to be a good teacher and I want to be a good child of the King and I want to be a good wife and I want my house to be clean and I want my food always stays good and I want some time to myself and try to figure out how to get all that into one little package is sometimes difficult but in God all things are possible. So look at had me. Go to was Proverbs one nine hundred fourteen and it says let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you my God my rock and my defense now I looked up. Meditation for those of us who think we know what it means hoping we’re right because then we sound better when we talk and it means meditation is thought it is thinking. It is pondering. It is contemplation. Consideration. Reflection. Deliberation. Concentration. Now if the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart. Is to be pleasing to the Lord then I need to really be aware of where my thoughts go. I have to. Guard my heart. Because out of it flows the wellsprings of life were told in Proverbs I have to guard my thoughts I have to make sure that what I am thinking about lines up with the word. I have to remember that if I do not guard where my mind goes. Then I am not going to have a very good guard on where my mouth goes. Because we are also told that out of the abundance of my heart my mouth will speak and I remember when the Lord brought that to my mind years ago it’s like one of those moments when you go. That’s like mine you’re on responsible. Oh God OK God this is our this is our goal for the period of the season then I mean you have to remind me to listen to what comes out of my mouth because. I can’t compare myself to a lot of women in the Bible but I can compare myself to Peter you know the guy who spoke first and then got rebuked second and then repented third. Peter was an awesome man of God But you know he and I have a few tendencies together that we just kind of like to run and then go why am I here again what was I thinking I should have come here why did I come here so I need a guide to help me to remember to listen. Because when I get gone but a little you know I don’t know is what I’m saying I’m just talking because on the talker and I talk a lot and I have a lot to say and and I like sometimes what I say and but when I’m listening then and then I don’t always like what I say because it’s not the times when you’re angry that you don’t know what you’re saying is not good if you’re angry and you know really care what comes out your mouth because at that moment you just have to say what you have to say which by the way is sin and I’m not endorsing it at all because we are to be a people of self-control but what I am saying is there are times we are aware of what is coming out of our mouth because it is so large in our heart that if we don’t let it come out our mouth we think our heart is going to blow up it’s the times when you just have a normal conversation is the times when you hear a story about a child who was killed in a car wreck because the car went off the bridge and the child drowned in the car and the next time you drive by a body of water with your child or your grandchild the story comes back to your mind and then you begin to concentrate on what you’ve heard and think about that story and remember how horrible it would be and think What if that were to happen to me oh god what if this happened what if that happened and then we begin to speculate and imagine all these things and what happens you were never afraid before then. And now fear has an opening to torment you. And then you begin to make it on realistic decisions based on something that could maybe happen why because it happened to somebody else. When you hear a story about a woman who went to the doctor because she had a little mole on her shoulder and you find if she finds out it’s cancer and that it’s in her bones and now she’s going to die and she’s leaving two little children behind and oh my goodness I have the spot in and my mother has a spot and my friend has a spot and what is this and I heard the story and and you begin to think about it in concentrate on it and the next thing you know you are bound by fear of something happening to your physical body because you heard a story about somebody who got sick and there’s such a correlation to it. The word is so clear and I’ve just picked out a couple Scriptures but the word is clear that we are to guard our thoughts and as women let’s face it we have a lot of. That’s why they say women have to talk so many extra words more than men because men just like to sit together and grunt and I say What was that he does support his heart out to new. And he goes that’s what we do. All that’s not what we do we have lots of things to share with our friend you should have encouraged them and you should have quoted the word. And my husband looked at me like I have two heads because we have been to different worlds. And that’s OK because that was that’s what brings balance because sometimes I have good thoughts and my husband says you know what yeah you’re right issues said that and sometimes he says to me maybe you just need to not talk so much Mike Oh yeah well that’s probably a truth. And we hope to balance one another out. What we do with the things that we hear and what we do with the things that we see are our responsibility not just as women but as men because when you find out that the taxes are going up and your incomes going down. And we already had trouble paying their taxes last year how are we going to do it this year and we don’t know where the money is going to come from and and then on top of that the refrigerator isn’t working quite right and the dryer just broke and of course your car has so many miles on it you don’t know how much longer it’s going to last and you start thinking and start wondering and then the weight of the responsibility that you have as the provider of the family starts to go through your head that pressure that knowing that wondering that figurine concentration that you place on those items and I can’t tell you enough I can’t emphasize it enough we have to allow ourselves. To become aware of where we go where you’re going on August think and think about what all are all knowledge. Or you thinking about. Your all those conversations now go even to think about something and I mean you’re just not know what you’re thinking but sometimes we so zone out we don’t even consider where we’ve been. But God wants us to be a people who are alert and who are aware of where our minds are so that the things that come out of our mouth bring glory to God they uplift the people around us when we are not careful about what comes out of our mouth then we testify of who God is not as if he was and people want to know why they need to serve Jesus if Christians are fearful unfair for without Jesus what’s the difference and I still get to live my own life while they’re worrisome why worry someone I don’t have Jesus so I think why should I change when when they hear people putting other people down because they’ve considered father but that person is wrong and it’s my responsibility to tell them no more a lady at work that I I spoke to about. Her perspective of what she thinks things should be like and so when she’s upset and she waits and she waits and she waits in a bruise and a bruise or a bruise and this thing starts stirring around in her belly and then all the sudden after all of her consideration after all of her thinking and all her concentration she just blurts out in front of everybody in the whole room her opinion about that person without using her name which everybody knows was were a small crowd about what they’re doing but everybody knows because we all saw it and just blast them because. She’s had enough and this has got to stop. And I explained to her that you know you can’t do that that’s number one you’re a believer. And you represent Jesus number two that’s not who you are so you might be who you used to be but not who you are now because now you are a new creation in Christ so you have to remember that what is yours is yours and what is not yours is not yours and if it bothers you you have to learn how to give that back to the Lord the sake of this is that mine and I can’t do this because what happens is when she does that and then a week later talks about God It church in this wonderful teaching she heard the people who don’t know Jesus kind of wonder what you know I can do that too I can talk about whatever and I can lose the tent control my temper about this or Jesus to do that I can do that because that’s in my old man that’s my nature to get angry and grumpy when I don’t like something so you are getting the point here and all I’m doing is building a building stone. Because I want you to understand that because of out of the abundance of your heart your mouth to speak you want to speak the life. You want to speak hope. The word tells us that our faith is built from hearing the Word of God. Now. As a believer God has already given me an allotment of faith and if this is my faith which according to fish and six is my shield. So when the fire darts of the enemy come like a shield. Fire goes out heart safe is this going to be big enough for me probably. But you know some people aren’t very good aim so worth the hits money I’m not protected so you know you hear the Word of God. And you believe it and you receive it and you know it happens as you hear the Word of God and you receive there’s your own your face grows and your sht that means your shield gets bigger what we hear builds us up in faith if it’s the Word of God What we hear brings us down and it destroys us if it is not the Word of God and you do not have your shield up. And I have seen people and I have done this I hear something I never thought about before I had somebody say to me one time you know so and so moved away. And they haven’t contacted me in a long time. And you were even closer then I was but this other person that hardly even knew this person they hear from all the time doesn’t it bother you you know and how they said that I never thought about it. Never have thought about it now as think and thought isn’t my head and I have to deal with it thank you very much what we say can stumble people and that’s why the words said that we are to think on things in Philippians four think on things that are of good report that are praiseworthy that are virtuous these are the things that we are to think about to meditate on and to consider and then when I see somebody I don’t have a fought to tell them of how they should be doing better I have the fots to say what a good job they’re doing and I know it’s hard but don’t grow weary of well doing because God promises us that if we don’t grow we’re. And give up we will reap a harvest a harvest not a planter two not one tree that’s loaded a harvest and that’s our hope as moms we want our children to be like those trees that are planted near the water that their roots grow deep. And their leaves don’t wither that’s what we want so as moms we want to make sure that our children know that what they’re doing may not help them get there but this isn’t who they are this is who they are and this is how you get there and you may not know exactly where that is I don’t know the destiny of my child to the detail but I have a good clue where that what God has given them I see compassion I see fairness I see justice justice in a in a man or a woman who is immature in the Lord can look pretty critical. It’s justice it just come across critical because they haven’t learned how to have that justice and mingle it with kindness. And that’s our role as a mom so what we say as a mom is going to build up or tear down our children and our friends and our husbands and our families and anybody else because who we speak to there is are going to receive life or death. Now. When you speak to someone who is going this way and the big road sign says destruction and you say to them this is who you are. This is who God’s called you to be a powerful man or woman of God Look at how worship lingers in you in the words of a song or that’s a fine you’re a worshipper look at how you treated somebody who was hurt and how you were kind look at when you see the real people the sign that says. Help me because I need money and your heart breaks to say can we go buy them some food because I know they’re hurting these are things I seen you but they’re still going to the road this says destruction. And you keep saying. That’s not work that’s not who you are that’s not who you are that’s not who you are you get really tired of that you’re really weary of it and you can you can grow weary of reminding them who they are and you can start saying fine just go to a stinking row destruction don’t listen to me anyway now that is where your Grace has ended. And you forgot to rely on the grace of God that picks up where we end. And those are the things that we can fall into and so I just want to remind you number one do not let the things that you think about be dishonoring or against the Word of God in second Krynn thins ten we’re told the we have the authority to take down that thing that has risen itself up against the knowledge of Christ that just means if it says this is the truth and God says this is the truth than you grab that baby and you bring it down and say no this is what God says and so the title of my my teaching this morning is now ever ever ever. Never I don’t care how old your child is I don’t care what path they have picked I don’t care what your grandchild is I don’t care what path they have picked I don’t care about your mom and your dad in the choices they have made because I am telling you that God is faithful. And all things are possible. I was so encouraged when I heard that Billy Graham son who was in prison for come down a tree or something I don’t have the story right all I know is that the guy was making all kinds of awful choices and he didn’t come to Christ so he was fifty Billy Graham son. That will leave me like wow God if this one’s doing then. And I suppose there is hope for mine. There is there is a stance that we take as a mother and you can call it lots of things but a good term is Warrior. Now when you look at me I’m not very big I’m not very strong. I have a large vocabulary. But I know who I am in Christ and I know who the enemy is and I made a decision a long time ago. That if my children are on this side. And this side is the enemy. Then this is my stance. And I am not going to be moved. So wonderful are not impressive. I can say that with confidence because I also have been blessed by God with friends who came around and said to me didn’t you say you were the wall between your child in the enemy Yes but you don’t spend and they do said this to me you know what I want to do it doesn’t make any difference then but didn’t you say. This is your stance you see I could never do this alone I want to do it alone anybody here want to do it alone we all know how much fun that is the Bible says it is not good for you to be alone you need at least one person but three Hey that’s good stuff. So God in His mercy surrounded they with many because he knew I was going to need it and they were all they need a break so they are. I’m telling you it’s not who you are it’s who you are in Christ and when you submit yourself to the Body of Christ and you allow them to be a part of your life they will stand when you can’t and then you get a turn to stand when they can’t because there is no temptation taken anybody but that which is common and I might be tempted today but tomorrow they may be tempted so because they picked me up yesterday today I can stand for them we don’t ever have to do this alone women do not do this alone you were never meant to be alone we all want to be good man’s a mother is the very essence of who we are and when we feel like a failure in our motherhood there is no lower place that you can go. There’s no lower place you don’t even have to say kick me while I’m down because you’re so busy kicking yourself you don’t need any help but when you remember who you are in Christ when you allow the words that you have meditated on day and night that bring life and hope to you and to your family you have something to hang on to the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run in and are saved why do we need a strong tower to save us because it’s a nasty world out there because we all have ascended each are because sometimes with alone sometimes we think it’s never going to end sometimes we just want to break but our God knows and he has made a way and I am living proof that I will never get the mother of the Year award but my children never come to me and remind me of all the stupid things I said and did but they blessed me and they remind me of the good things I did and they say hopeless you know that and their mom and people think well you have the super mom they never say no actually I don’t you would not believe the stories I have to tell about my mother they say yes. Because something happens in God’s faithfulness that when you walk with the Lord and you fall and you get back up and you walk with the Lord you fall and you get back up God calls you righteous he redeemed your mistakes. And when your children are older they rise up and bless you. And I am I am a testimony of the kindness of God that he continues to do that in my life. So I want to tell you that Hebrews one. Tells us that face. Is what we hope for but the evidence isn’t seen yet. So as a mom Those are the things we meditate on those things that we hope for and as we hope for those things for our children and our grandchildren and I am yet to look forward to my great grandchildren I hope for the things that God is going to do in them. And I that gives me a platform this is hope. I’m one hope I know what my grandchildren have to have in them I’ve seen it I don’t know their full destiny but I’ve seen the things gods place in the way I see their gifts I see their personality differences I see the the weaknesses because they’re still little They’re just the opposite of the strength that they’re going to become and as I stand on hope and I see and I speak life and I speak and my faith cast something I grab on my hope rises. Because you see I can’t put a time frame on God. That would be foolish you can all just be grateful right now I want you take a moment and thank God that He does not go by your timeframe. If he did well we’d be in big trouble. And that’s where discontentment comes discontentment comes when I look at the time God I have been praying for twenty years and this situation has not changed yet and I start to think about how it hasn’t happened yet and I start to remember all the things that happened and I start to think about how God said but he’s not doing and you know what happens to my faith. My face could be way up here until I remember that I’ve been praying for that healing for twenty years and God says he’s going to heal and I believe he could heal but he’s not healing it has been twenty twenty years God you know how much time I have lost in twenty years God you twenty years of sickness Oh my gosh twenty years all those things I want to do with my kids and I couldn’t because of us all those things I want to do for you God and else can my face turns to wane and my hope goes down and the next thing I know what’s coming out of my mouth is why now God heals but I haven’t seen it yet now there’s not a testimony to share with the world all things are possible oh my God will heal you but he hasn’t healed me and I don’t know why but you know I suppose maybe I don’t deserve it this is what we do that’s why God says be careful of your thoughts. Make sure that what you are dwelling on is the good things of God The truth of who he is and what he does and the confidence that he is going to do what he said he would do and you never ever ever. Never I had a pitcher your vision a pitcher I call a vision all sample spiritual I don’t know what it was all I know is God When a body like that to my brain it gave me an understanding and a picture that went with it to help me understand something you know I was on this journey. And in this in this thing I saw on a journey and it’s a road and it’s a desert and the desert is like Latin for ever been the desert is feeling I mean there’s a mountain things come up but you know you’re does it was flattened and it’s kind of destitute and yet cactus and if you creatures here and there and there’s some dangers I mean you know be here from the desert because it gets really cold at night contrary to what pumps some people think it is really hot in the daytime. And this rattlesnakes. And their scorpion. And it’s something you have to watch for thirst you know you can die of thirst out there heat exhaustion you get like massive sunburn that can really hurt you and so you know you’re but the path is long and it’s widened and it’s like OK so the Lord said you know going this journey because if when you think and it’s going to be worth it. And people I’ve talked to say oh man I’m so excited for the journey you’re taking because it’s going to be worth it. In the stories I’ve heard you can’t wait to get to the end of that journey is can be so worth it so I can do this because it wide path I can tap my you know I can see things from a distance I can see where you know you can see if something’s comma that’s cool and so I’m taking strain and I get to the end of the desert and I found. That in the desert there was a mountain. So I looked at the mountain. And I said. There’s a treasure here but the now don’t get it I thought that the end of this road there’s a journey that you billions and then you get this treasure right so where’s my treasure there’s no treasure there’s just a mountain I’m alive I’ve been in the desert how thirsty you don’t water’s not plentiful there and as you look at the mountain you go cannot go to climbing so will greener on this more water but then you’ve got you know bears and. OP cats and. Still have your snakes. And body and spiders and. But there is a path it’s not big like the desert but the path of the eye can follow that OK they say it’s going to be worth it they didn’t say where the journey ended they say it’s going to be worth it so. On here on I want to go back so you head up the mountain and you’re climbing this mountain and you find out you know the air gets kind of thing as you get to the top of the mountain and the weather changes more radically and the snow comes early the snow of all things that comes early and you’re up in this mountain and the path gets smaller and smaller. And you know what I discovered at the top of the mountain. To go down the other side. There was no treasure there it was just. Go down. And going down a mountain is more treacherous than going up the mountain from what I understand because you got to really grab your footing going up you have a better grip on what’s going up as you’re coming down your group is back here are you know you have to kind of climb down this it is pretty crazy but none of the dangers have changed. And you haven’t got your treasure yet but you know that they sad if you continue and you don’t give up the treasure is awesome you will be so glad you did this and so if you’re trying to focus on it’ll be worth it it’ll be worth it if you worth it but oh man I’m not so crazy about this. And you finally hit the bottom of the mountain. And you look and there’s no treasure but you know you do see. I juggle now at this point in my vision that I’m seeing with the Lord I’m like OK guy this is the thought of a joke what are you telling me here this isn’t even right there’s a poster be a treasure at the end and it just keeps getting harder because in the jungle there is no path in the jungle you have lions and tigers and bears all Manet the spiders. Everything you had before Candide fall through the jungle you’ve got Crocs I mean Heavens to Murgatroyd there’s baboons. It’s not a happy place and there’s no. Because a so plush and overgrown and you’re now going where no man has gone before and ago God this this is this. You turn around and go oh I can’t do that mountain again. You. Know I can’t do that. And it’s so hard sometimes you feel like you’re in such a place that you is don’t know where to go anymore and then the Lord put his word in my hand and it’s a sharp two edges sword and I start as slicing through that stuff because God said God said and I’m going to hit it and I’m going to go because I’m not going back and I found that with the Word of God There became a path where there wasn’t before and you know what that did it made a way for others to come. Because of the choices I make my children kink. Because of the choices I make my grandchildren can. It’s a journey that never is alone because God never has a loan and you know I never got to the end of that journey before the Lord brought that picture out of my mind and began to speak to me about he being the greatest treasure of all and he is why we do what we do because it blesses him it pleases him if furthers his kingdom it multiplies his army we are warriors in the kingdom of God who have been given a forty to tear down strongholds we have been given authority just speak a life where death is looming we have been given authority to pray even those things that do not exist. Just as the Father created all things he said I can speak into existence with does not exist and it will happen. So when I look at my children and I’m not seeing it happen I speak into it know this is what the Lord says they don’t even have to be there to hear it because my God is not limited to anything he holds my prayers before him day and night so as a mother as a father as a child of the King never out. Av her give up. Because in the right season. You will reap a harvest if you do not give up in fact it’s so clear it’s so truth I love the wedding was Paul who wrote it in Galatians he said. Do not be mocked. You will reap what you sow. There’s like there’s like a whole thing that goes together that God says this is clearly the way it is I will not be mocked my word comes to pass just like the rain falls from the sky and then returns again so my word will never return void it comes down and it accomplishes what it was sent forth to do you speak the Word of Life you speak the truth of the work and you never ever ever give up and I’m going to read this I read a few times and I keep crying I’m not a crier I hate crying so if I don’t make it it’s Mother’s Day. All right let me just make a loud noise here. Yes the God of Thunder glory thunders OK I’m going to read this is my closing. And it was shorter this morning but this is Mother’s Day. And we want to enjoy family this is called the Warrior this is a gift given to me by a foster boy that we took in for a few years but. He didn’t find it a dear friend of mine found it and suggested he give it to me for Christmas so I was blessed to give it to me for Christmas but I was more blessed because again my friends were standing with me and they were encouraging me in a way in a time frame that I create really needed encouraged. This morning my thoughts traveled along to a place in my life where days have long gone behold an image of what I used to be as visions were stirred and God spoke to me he showed me a warrior a soldier in place position by heaven. You know I saw not the face. I watched as the warrior fight enemies that came from the darkness with destruction for me I saw as the warrior would dry away tears as all of Heaven’s angels hovered so near I saw many wounds on the warriors face yet weapons of warfare were firmly in place I felt my heart weep in my eyes held so much as God let me fill the Warriors prayer touched. I thought how familiar the words that were prayed. The prayers were like lightning that never would fade. I said to God please the Warriors name he gave no reply he chose to refrain. I asked Lord who is broken that they need such prayer he showed me an image. Of myself standing there. Bound by confusion lost and alone I felt prayers of the warrior carry me home I asked please show me Lord those four years are true. I watched and I wept for my home. For you it was you. I know. That as a mother you have fought for your children. And I know that as a mother you will not settle for anything less than all that God has for them. And I know that some time. If you see yourself broken. And not enough. And you think how can this huge task of her be done by me but I am telling you women of God you are warriors in the kingdom so you guard your thoughts and you guard your mouth and you speak life and you speak and you stand in the gap for your children and the day will come when they will rise up and you will see the work of your hands and you will see even more the faithfulness of God when your hand wasn’t working. And you will know without a shadow of a doubt that your god is the one who would do it and he’ll use you. So. What ever happens in a matter how long you wait you make your stand and you don’t be moved and you never ever ever.