2018 Vision: Every One Matters

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We’re going to start into the message and the message is literally just casting the vision for twenty eight scene vision is so important God’s word says that without vision the people perish without a vision everybody goes their own way and nothing gets a call push right life just kind of crumbles you need that vision to keep you in forward and to keep you keep your faith a lot of a new you know it’s a be walking into that new creation that God created us to be vision makes that all possible you know God loves giving us visions in especially prophetically you know what’s going to happen and what our potential is and that’s what he’s doing this morning this is our potential as a church and we get to choose either be a part of it and to get involved or to sit on the sidelines and watch nothing happened so you know it’s a choice but I know that New Hope is ready ready for something new ready for something better we’re tired of the enemy kicking us in the teeth and it’s time to move forward. So I’m excited it’s going to be good it’s going to be a great year all right so so here goes I’m going to kind of give you the vision backwards working backwards from the way God gave us the vision. Of myself in the elders and so we’re going to explain all that here in a little bit that God’s vision has given us for twenty eighteen is a that every one matters every one matters and that’s not to be confused with all the new stuff floating around out there you know you know black lives matter blue lives matter. And it’s not just a cliche saying that all lives matter literally they do and we’re going to talk about that this morning and how God is going to implement this vision for the upcoming year this year God as it is leading us to make some very significant changes or services radically different I’ve never been to a church service that looked like this before so we’re going to be breaking some molds here but they were just following God’s lead interesting that it’s for the good. Be patient with us as we work through some of those things we’re going to be changing the services so that. Every voice can be heard so that every need can be met and so that every person can be equal to a ministry so that you are a critical part of his body you’re a critical part of the church that’s what Jesus said but our services don’t really show that they show that there is a stage and they show that there are seats they show that one person talks and everyone else listens one person gives commands and orders and everyone else does it that’s not what the church was ever I don’t know when it changed but that’s not what the church was and that’s No one knew it was going to be in the upcoming year right we’re all church family we all unique roles and purposes and whatnot but we’re all in this together we’re all critical part of it so it’s exciting because what every one matters I don’t give you a thumbs up dude. All right. Training he has been trained in turnings next week a so we’ll give him a break. But instead of the church coming together every week to do church we’re going to come together every week to be the church and there’s a radical difference between the two you know just come to be a part of a service we come together to to do something to see God move we don’t want to come together every week just to talk about God and to listen about God and learn about God we want to come together every week to experience God and who want to come together to meet with him right absolutely that’s what we’re here for to have an encounter with God to have an experience with God because God still wants to just set people free he still wants to save them and deliver them from their sins in their bondage he still wants to heal the blind and those who are deaf I mean he still wants to do absolutely all those things so that’s what we’re going to do we’re going to set up our services to allow him to do those things to allow him to just move as he desires move and why we did all those things because again every one matters. We don’t believe that any person ever walks through those sets of double doors. And then only they didn’t just stumble in here and whatnot we believe that God has a divine intentional purpose for everyone being here even if you just come for one Sunday you are here for a reason and we don’t want to miss the reason we don’t want to miss that opportunity to be the Body of Christ and to represent him you know we don’t want that to happen because it’s God every one matters so as the owners of myself met some prayed and sought after the vision for this year because I wanted to even change that traditionally what has happened in New Hope is the pastor has received a vision from God and then he’s just asked it you know we usually don’t even achieve the vision so I want to even change that up so together as the church leadership myself and the elders we met we talked about what the vision is and why we do it we talked about you know all of those things and then we prayed about it and we fast about it to seek after God and together we came together and put together our ideas. And during that discussion we said that God wanted to equip and empower every single person for ministry that every person again just Biblically speaking First Corinthians twelve every person is a part of the Body of Christ every person matters to God in el that we’re all a part of that we want to see people empowered from ministry not just here in these four walls but we’re ever you go you are a minister of Jesus Christ you are not just you know the fivefold ministry but everybody is we want to see the last get found you know we want to see saved people get saved you know if we hunger and desire for that we see in those numbers of salvations so low year after year when we’re called to gather grow and go gather in the last get them saved you know go out there we want to do those things we want to see the bound get set free we see so many areas of bondage in our area and in our community and we know that God wants to set them free from those things and most of the time those people want to be free as well as can’t figure out how to do it we want to see the sick get healed again sick. It’s so prevalent our community you know it still bothers the living daylights out of me that the only thing that seems to thrive in Katanning Bunzl India is the mental health facility it’s huge it’s massive and people flock in there day and night you know all and businesses fail and people are failing marriages are failing families are failing they can medicate them all they want but it’s not working you know things are still not good we know that God wants to heal people and deliver people from those things are right. You know so all of these kind of things. And we firmly believe this is a desire of the Lord as well to do these things we discuss that some of the things that our communities passionate about right sports absolutely you know sports is a huge one but we also talked about you know how can we kind of couple these things to reach people for Christ because of course we discussed how busy everybody is in sports in our communities one of those things that keeps families hopping and for so long it’s been a competition the church versus this versus versus the you know because we hear a new up we’ve got six days a week there’s something happening somewhere that you can be a part of the you know and unfortunately only two of our life groups are you know doing well the other two I haven’t even really heard from I don’t think they meet that work comp we’re competing for time you know everybody has so much going on in their lives and unfortunately Jesus is the one always get pushed the burner or a church life is always the one that gets pushed back so we’re thinking OK we felt this for so long it’s a losing battle you know what can we do so that it’s not a competition it’s not a fight because I’m telling you when you look at the early church life they were just as busy. But church was happening every where they went all the time there was no competition you know it just church was just a part of their lives and that’s what I think God wants to do you know through us as well. So the concept and form for all these different discussions and there’s a lot that you know I can’t even remember all the conversation but this idea started to form and we thought that that was the vision of synergy all of us working together fulfilling our own role our own part you know wherever we’re at because we know life is busy in becoming the body of Christ coming together you know it’s a it’s a cool business buzz word synergy you know and and it fits the idea of what God wants to do in and through us you know and so we thought that was good we close the meeting and we went off and you guys ever like seek after God And then as soon as you hear something you’re like OK I’m good and yeah you’re kind of like you know all right Jesus some bastard I need you I need your revelation I need your healing any to do something and then he gives you one word you’re like OK I’m good. So long as in the shower God speaks to me whatever I’m doing you know Monday and things because it’s the only time he has my attention just be honest with you because. God like there’s actually more to that you know so I emailed out the elders what God had shared me he wanted us to go deeper than that you know deeper than just what we’re going to do what we’re going to do what we’re going to accomplish goals goals goals you know checkmarks why why does God want us to do those things and that’s where this vision kind of came from pointing out the reality the reason that God wants everyone to be involved in everybody to be quit and everybody to be out there doing the work of ministry is because of that every one matters you know so as we share this vision together I’m going to work backwards I’m going to start with the why why this vision why every one matters. And I’m going to take care of that part myself since I’m already talking but essentially the why is the text of our vision. The reason that God wants us to make these changes to our services is to clearly show that every single person matters every one matters whenever you come here you actually do matter to us not just saying it right we’re supposed to love not with the words but with what actions actions and that commanded isn’t just given to the pastor isn’t just given to the elders is given to all of us together you know so if we want to kind of change that whenever someone sick in the hospital it’s not a pastor you need to go visit this person it’s someone sick in the hospital OK God You brought this to my attention what can I do what can I do to help and I know my wife’s already caught the vision because she’s already she prepared meals for two weeks for two different families and she’s working on a third De Beers I mean you remember she’s to come to church or be a member and you know she was involved in a head on accident pretty severe So we want to see what we can do to come alongside her family and again that’s what we want to do we want to show our community that they matter to us when you’re aware of somebody who is suffering or somebody who is in need in our community let’s come together as a church and see what we can do right everyone matters and it’s happening already it’s exciting. So the biblical foundation for the why that we’re doing this God Obviously place a value on human life on the sixth day of creation soon as he created human life he set a value on that. It’s incredible because he chose to make mankind in his own image different from all the rest of creation yes we’ve got a lot of similarities you know I got lost in Larry’s between you know myself and an ape and my wife will tell you that you know we we communicate just as well sometimes we understand things just as just the same but we didn’t come from them we were created individually in unique and in in that we were created in the image of God and every human that’s been procreated ever since that moment of from Adam and Eve has carried the image of God We’ve carried the image of God with us so we’re unique from the rest of creation got to go just how much each and every one matters to him by of course right I mean we look at the cross choosing to sacrifice his own son on our behalf just so that we can have a relationship with God right that’s how much he I’ll use human life he didn’t do that for our puppy dogs and our kitty cats as much as we love them and I was love in mind this morning if you follow me on Facebook you know he was just so happy anyways but he sacrificed himself for people cumin created his own image. Not only did he pave a way to salvation but he then commissioned gave the commission that every nation tribe and song be invited to receive his salvation. He gave that commission the great commission to go out into all the world and to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ right there is death and resurrection that they can be saved that then beyond that right at Pentecost fifty days later Jesus chose to poor the Holy Spirit on all mankind who would receive it right man woman child doesn’t matter poor out His Spirit of bomb them Jew gentile didn’t matter rich poor didn’t matter whatever he poured out His Holy Spirit to empower every single one every single person matters to God that much he doesn’t just want to hang out with you every now and then he doesn’t want you just to seek after him when you need him he wants to be with you all the time there’s about even the smallest things in your life and he wants to do something in those situations when you’ve got a hangnail he wants to heal that thing you know we got to believe in God for whatever whatever it is your frustrations he cares that you’re frustrated about those things and he wants to do something in that so and so not only to us but we want to share with our community when they come into our services that that that’s the case and even when we’re not doing services here we want to a lot in the community and show there are single person matters because after all it’s not what Jesus said He said to the disciples when He gave the great commission he started where in Jerusalem in their own backyard in their own communities before we go out to western Africa you know as missionaries preaching the gospel we’re supposed to start our backyard start and let’s start in your own home establish the Kingdom of God in your own home and then in your backyard and in your community and in your work place you know some they start in Jerusalem today or some areas of the ends of the earth right we start there and so that’s what God wants to do this year you want to start there showing that every single person matters to God you know that it’s all a question posed who is in one of the Facebook groups or the some ways of God leaders you know in the questions posed if your church shut its doors today with the community even notice with even care and it’s sad if that’s the case then you’re missing out on the whole purpose for your existence it’s for these people were here right in our backyard I’m sorry Dalin Jan It’s not just for you guys you know it’s for these people are here is says her community OK that’s why we’re here that’s why God chose to plant new hope here it’s for these people it’s not for us it’s for the people out here outside our doors the Jesus revealed the heart of the father that everyone matters by his ministry right we don’t have time to talk about every single instance but think about this what was chosen of Jesus minister to be recorded in the Scriptures is recorded over and over again that Jesus stopped and he gave his full attention to anyone who desired it to anyone who needed it I mean Jesus gave focus individualized attention to the rich young ruler right the guy had some cash and some dough right yet he also gave his full attention to the woman who was just caught in adultery and was about to lose her life as a result he gave his full attention to the leper the full attention to the demon bound you know think about the full attention apologise pilots it cost us all the same didn’t matter who you were or what you were going through he gave his full focused individualized attention to any one of those people any one of them it didn’t matter because every single person matters to God Jesus stopped in a crowd as a woman with the issue of blood touch the hem of his garment he rebuked his disciples when they tried to keep children from coming to him right right. It’s no peace given a smack down to the kids here at the church God loves them just the same gave pretty stark warning about that too you know the whole like you know mill stone bottom of the lake like that be better don’t you know he said something about that didn’t sound very Christ like but Jesus said that it would be better for you than to be a stumbling block to them here beauties disciples and rather he welcomed you know those little kids into his arms he took a drink from this woman any chatted with that Samaritan woman right Jew gentile Jewish Samaritan like they they were not supposed to give each other the time of day they were the scum of the earth yet Jesus chose to speak with her that this emerging woman had five husbands and was married to the guy that she was currently with sounds like our culture right five husbands you know I mean I’ve heard different perspectives on that that maybe they died you know she didn’t necessarily divorce but anyways you get the picture in no he took time to be with her and to invite her even before he died and rose again even before Gentiles were allowed to be saved Jesus extended his salvation to that Samaritan woman is amazing and to the entire Samaritan village as a result you know like the little village a new mine here. Regularly Jesus drank and ate with people that their culture despise sinners like tax collectors and prostitutes you magine Jesus sitting down with a prostitute now don’t sound very Christ like but he did it he did it even let her touch him remember the Jews were appalled if you only knew that woman was and he’s like yeah I know she isn’t a note she does. He extended. His salvation to or. Jesus ordered that the blind man near Jericho be brought to him when everyone else was just desperately trying to get the gotta shot up right Jews as Jesus have mercy on me or was it just up to John Boehner saying us you know and he’s like No no no way and he brought the guy to him and he of course you know set him free Jesus he chose fisherman tax collectors a political zealot to be as disciples instead of the deeply religious elite he chose the deeply invest his life in the fisherman tax collectors you know and as well and I mean it just it just it shows you what the Kingdom of God is really like and it shows you what the church ought to look like if we’re really representing him every single person matters to Jesus so with all this in mind our goal is to change our services so that each and every one matters and knows that every single person who comes here and leaves here knows that they matter to God that he wants to have an encounter with them that he desires to actually he actually loves them and cares about them you know we just want to establish that reality we want every single person of the opportunity to have that encounter you know again I talked about all these things but rather rich or poor sinner Saint demon possessed or spirit filled sick or healed with influence over millions of people or no influence whatsoever every single person matters to God and Jesus if he took time to personally get to know people from every walk of life from every circumstance from every life style then so should we right now growing we don’t want to leave them there but we want to invest in them and to talk with them and to get to know them because Jesus did exactly that even before they were saved or hate the fact that’s how salvation occurs by investing in people through relationship Jesus wasn’t motivated by fear rather he was motivated by compassion toward every single person even the lepers that extremely contagious disease he laid his hands on them he was motivated by fear. And he set them free he was motivated by compassion toward every single person no matter what their condition to matter what state they were and he took time to personally invest in them and as a result what did he see he saw all people getting set free he old made whole people forgiven of their sin people empowered to live out God’s purposes for their lives so that’s why that’s why God has given us this vision because he cares about each and every single one not just here seated this morning every single person out in our community and we as a church are being called by Jesus Christ Himself to let them know that in some way shape or form and so with that being said I’m actually invite Murray Harker road to come up and do a share the next portion of of the vision for this year are. For the sake of time I’m not going to read out of the word but. I’m going to give you a bunch of scriptures and you can look at them up on your own time I’m going to talk about the difference between a dialogue and a monologue so after I catch my breath. So. I am next. That’s the. A dialogue is when I talk to you and you talk back to me a monologue is when I talk to you and I talk to you and I talk to you and I talk to you and then you leave or I leave and it works sometimes sometimes it keeps you from having a fight. But it’s not if there is a difference between a monologue and a dialogue what we would like to do this year is add dialogue to our service on Sunday mornings so to give you a biblical basis of this we’re going to start with Genesis it allow then. Start with verse six it actually starts to be in the chapter but first six I really like it because it talks about is that this is story of the Tower of Babel I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Tower of Babel but I would like that story I love the Old Testament so if that’s right in there with the rest of my I likes and the Torah Babel was basically about a tower that A that the people were building and they were going to see if they could reach the heavens and they were all unified they were unified they all spoke the same language and they all had the same goal and the Lord looked down and he said this is something that I don’t really understand but the Lord looked down he said Oh Jesus will spare you pay attention over here they’re building a tower they’re unified There is nothing that they cannot do because they’re unified Now personally I don’t think I was really that worried because God is God and they’re just people but it shows a truth in the spirit realm that when people come together in unity and they’re talking to each other and they’re working a plan there is nothing that they cannot do and so God gave them all different languages and they scatter them throughout the earth and that’s why it’s called the Terra Babel because everybody is all the sudden you know their talk is a past history of how you doing. Up there to let you know really well. You see it happen all the said they didn’t understand each other it was nothing but babble to them so that’s one example of what happens when people are talking to one another and dialoguing and not just listening and not sharing Genesis eighteen. Verses seventeen through thirty three God talks to Abraham Abraham didn’t have any children he was getting rather old god of. The the way the word is written Jesus who appeared in the Old Testament before he had his actual body would appear as the angel of the Lord capital a capital T. the angel not and Angel and Angel would be Gabriel or Michael or. Any of the angels that God created but the angel of the Lord is actually Jesus come to earth and were the examples that we have is that when the angel of the Lord appeared to Joshua the first thing he said was take off your shoes you’re standing on holy ground now we all heard that before because when Moses came across the burning bush and God was speaking to him in the burning bush God said to him first and foremost take off your shoes because where you’re standing is holy ground so that’s one of the examples we have that the angel of the Lord is actually Jesus come to Earth before his time and he pear like an angel OK So he appears to Abraham and he tells Abraham he’s going to have a child and of course we all know the story that Sarah heard and she was in her ten she laughed and she got rebuked and and they have this whole conversation well then and this is what so precious God said to the angel of the Lord said to Abraham or to his friend should I keep from my friend what I’m about to do. Now you don’t have a friendship unless you have a dialogue really you don’t and I’m a big talker and my friends sometimes don’t get a chance to say a whole lot and sometimes they have to say wait a minute my turn but if we don’t have dialogue we don’t have friendship because they might know about me but I am a clue about them and you can’t be a friendless you know one another and so he shared with Abraham that he was about to go to the he was going to go in destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns and that’s when Abraham dialogue back to the Lord and so wait a minute like you going to kill the righteous with the unrighteous and with there’s somebody there that’s actually a righteous man Worth where there’s like fifty if you find fifty would you then destroy it and that started the conversation that God and Abraham had back and forth about what God was going to do and he actually had input in the decisions of God Talk about a powerful place to live and to be such a relationship with the Lord that you actually are welcome into his decision making has power that’s what God has for all of us has he made a way for us to have that relationship OK then we’re going to jump onto. Exodus three one. Hit that one that was the Moses and the burning bush they had a conversation Moses guy didn’t just say take off your shoes Moses This is holy ground I’m going to tell you what to do you keep your mouth shut I don’t want your opinion in this matter this is what you’re going to do I’m God I said so go do it subject. You know Moses is wait a minute God I can’t do that you know I start I stammer and I get real nervous and decide you know they don’t like me in the U.S. that look at the killing and. I guess OK Listen this is what I want you to do and God walked him through that whole process and Moses still struggled because he’s man and he was having a hard time but he did it because God showed himself strong and God I heard what he had to say and he worked with him then we have in numbers the wonderful story again these are my I just love these stories bail them. This profit he was actually not really a good profit he was known as a. Seer who just kind of did his thing but he still had a thorough Well the Israelites they were the people they were taken over the land they’re all walking across the desert on their way to take the promised land and the kings around they’re getting really really nervous now you’ve all seen Westerns where they have the fight between the shepherds and the cows and then write the sheep comment through when they’re eating all the cattle’s food and not enough water to go around and this territory is good big enough for both of us well that’s what was taken place there wasn’t enough and the kings were getting intimidated because they heard of all the plagues and taken place to release the Israelites from bondage in Egypt so he called on bail I’m a Salem we want you to go and curse God’s people because we know what you say has power and authority. Another clue what you say has power and authority and if you curse those people they’re doomed so I’m going to hire you don’t you go and I want you say some really nasty bad things about them and I want to see destruction come to those people but God stood in the gap and he when he said. You are not going to do that he had a conversation with God course he went anyway and then of course that’s when the donkey talks and that’s really cool story is not make believe it’s true love it God said so that’s good enough for me all right so there was a directive that was given the bail on but he had a conversation conversation with God all the way through after the doctor donkey talked to him and he went back to the king that had hired him and he said look at Kinko’s OK Listen listen just just go over here. OK sales people over here OK from this direction just say something nasty is a let me ask God that’s OK Blossom’s we blasted the king of. Those of you for OK King come OK OK get over here bail and I know this is a big people you see them from over here now now this is what I want you do want you to say it’s really nasty bad about them so be them so let me ask God God said this is what you say so Belem said Blessings past sins past scenes. You big bucks this is not what I’m paying you for this happened over and over again there was dialogue in that took place but because they lived he listened to the word of the Lord the people of God were blessed we are going to learn how to bless one another by speaking the blessings of God over each other OK And Joe who we all know about Job The poor guy he you know really got blasted he lost his children he lost most of his riches his cattle his donkeys his servants his wife said all you know what this relationship you have a god here’s my goodness very far just cursed God and I mean seriously we are done then he gets struck with boils which by the way he did not do because he knew his God and he got really really really sick and then his best friends came and they share how wonderful God is and so that you are really really in trouble because you did something really really bad and that’s why you’re suffering because we are no God’s good God So then for forty chapters it’s a big book and they can be very depressing you have job’s best friends tell him why he’s wrong and Joe trying to defend himself but at the end of the book. When you get to where his job I’m sorry thirty eight chapters thirty eight through the end of the book God steps into this dialogue he’s dialoguing with his friends his friends are dialoguing with him they’ve gone back and forth it’s really pretty long. But then God stepped down and God begin to speak to job and as God begin to speak to job he revealed his character to Joe and he showed Joe who he really was outside of God and who he will be inside of God and that’s what we want to do this year is we want to envision all of us who we are in God and what roles we have to play and how we together will build one another up not tear one another down because we will be here and loving on one another and in unity declaring that there is no thing that righteous man cannot accomplish in God and then we have David David David’s an awesome man of God a warrior a king a worshipper this is a really nice guy because he loved the Lord and. In the first Samuel thirty the town that David and all of his little army was from where their wives and children live Zick leg it was burned to the ground now that wasn’t a good thing they didn’t know what happened to their children if you like one of us get a phone call from work saying your house just burned down. My animals OK my house my husband my wife my kids I mean what happened and you know you everybody just gets all stirred up in that would be a terrible thing to find out the town that you lived in was just burnt to the ground and nobody knows where anybody else that’s it does asters thing with David’s mighty men really upset and they blame David because we usually we want to blame somebody when something goes wrong we hate to think that it be our fault so it has to be someone else’s and they went after they were never going to kill him and David because of who he is in the relationship and dialogue and he had been having all along with his God He went to God and said OK God what am I going to do now these people want to kill me they literally were talking warriors so mad their way to take your life so God God and David had a dialogue there was a God why do. God told David what to do by the way one of the things I love about the story is that before David had his dialogue with God He put on worship he literally physically clothed himself with worship because he knew that if he went to God we’re going to look at who he may not hear him. But if you put on worship and he reminded himself who God is and he reminded himself of all the mighty things God had done and he reminded himself of who he is in God and he reminded himself as he’s saying and worship the words that came out of his mouth reminded David it was. And God has a plan and a destiny and being killed by the warriors around him was not a part of it then he could hear clearly and God gave them direction and then he told the men what they were going to do do you see what happens when there is a disaster when people are talking to God and then talking to one another then they have success and they found out that their wives were OK and that their children were OK and all their cattle and all their riches and all their animals they were OK The only difference was they had been taken captive by their enemy who burned down the city in the first place so God told David how to go get his people. He’s so awesome to me so is there a family member that’s not what’s walked away from God is our neighbor is there a working partner that you have this or is there somebody a friend that you know that is not in the kingdom yet God is going to help us to talk together with the Lord and with one another and declare the truth of who God is and what he’s going to do and we’re going to see them come back to the kingdom because that’s what happens because when people are unified There is no thing they cannot accomplish OK so if you want to go to the New Testament the pastor Steve mention sorry you can’t point and Pastor Steve so I think I already mentioned about the woman at the well. We also have the conversations Jesus had with the demonic The man who was filled with demons there are stories all through the New Testament as well and then he can go to the prophets the apostles after Jesus rose from the dead in the Senate to have an in how they fasted and prayed and God gave them direction and they talked among each other and this is what I was saying to this is what we’re going to do and together in unity they went out and they began to preach the gospel to every nation and they moved in power and they moved in authority and they saw it’s coming into the kingdom and they saw blind eyes healed and they saw their dad raised and they saw the deaf ear and they saw the poor beast their needs were met because when God is moving and people are talking among themselves like this morning when I got a text saying the D. was an accident what can we do as a people to plaster with maybe someone else’s out a good idea oh yeah that’s a good idea so without dialogue and we don’t even know what you need. I’m excited I believe this year we’re going to see God move among ourselves and in our community like we have never seen before. And it’s going to be awesome and that’s something I want to urge everybody into if you have a need don’t be ashamed of it don’t mean listen don’t be like me OK I wait until I have already destroyed everything and tried every single you know thing I could figure out and then I need help and then I need to ask somebody to be like you know be like Steve. If you need a hand let somebody know dialogue because I’m telling you that when we’re aware of needs God’s power can move mightily and testimonies are income as a result so we talk to one another all right well Next I mean if I don’t tell still this entertain us the song and dance you know to usher in the next part of God’s vision so kind of ready yourself here I know there’s a lot of monologue still happening here but it’s going to change here in the near future you know that’s part of what God wants to do can anybody have a definition another definition for Minister server that’s what I was after so that’s. Jesus when he had his group of twelve calling him around it says in Luke ten then all of the sudden he’s seventy two and seventy two others nameless faceless disciples and out of the nameless faceless part. They didn’t go to the Jerusalem Theological Seminary for six years before they went out and Jesus just sent them out. They were people following Jesus around and they go do this you know and with he he said that with more authority than I just did but you know. He he sent them out and they came back all excited because of a demon his leaving people and all these things going on and they were all they were just tremendously excited that they were being used that way that’s our model. You don’t have to have. Credentials although they’re good thing to have for the fivefold ministers which That’s another thing I want to talk about but. Whenever you have whenever you’re saved. Whenever you experience salvation. The Holy Spirit moves in the Holy Spirit has the mind of Christ the Holy Spirit is to be our teacher and then whenever you get healed it’s always paired. Bill Johnson says the Holy Spirit’s in me for me he’s on me for you and so the the whole idea of the Holy Spirit which by the way can be translated sacred breath is what Holy Spirit can be translated. So it’s a very breath of God bringing us the mind of God the mind of Christ. And that goes into. All areas of life I mean you don’t even have to you know we need it to speak to people about who can Jesus is we need to know understand what they need whether they need healing whether they need all these other things. Financial help help finding and job help. Anywhere in any way yet. The whole idea behind it is that we tap into. The eternal mind of God to get our direction and like I said it covers everything I was listening to a. Thing by a guy named personnel and he had before he was a minister he couldn’t show a minister he was a. Kind of excuse me a vehicle repair shop and he couldn’t get this one truck started his company could and the guys were working on it working on it working on when start they went through the manual they went through all those schematics they went through everything checked out and he was just going nuts so that he’s the one day his men were leaving and he says I’m going to stay here till I get this thing run so he was there by himself and he he kind of looked around make sure nobody was looking and put his hands on the fender and say. In the name of Jesus you know he went after the wisdom of God and God spoke to him and said there’s a diode under the fender that’s broke he says there was no diode in the diagram that’s so he crawled under and scraped away some undercoating and stuff and he says by golly there’s a direct diode and wire was off and he saw it or the back together of trucks started right up so and I and I have experience whenever I was working on houses there’s times when you get to a place where I just don’t know how to make this work out so he asked the Lord and sometimes you step away and do something else for a while and then you come back and just do it because the Lord guides you when you he on hers you when you seek Him So that’s one of the things I want to do I’m a little my glasses on but I can’t remember writing but. Just the idea I think. The institutional church over many years like Pastor Steve already said this morning it’s about bust people come in and sit and listen to one guy and God never intended that I don’t believe Jesus whenever he picked his twelve he went how did he choose people I mean the book says he chose those seventy two to send out well how did he choose people so he was walking when he chose the original twelve he was walking down the road there’s a fisherman he just follow me and he went to the Matthew the tax collector saw him sitting there and said You follow me and Zacchaeus was another when he he just was up in the tree just to see Jesus and Jesus says come on down I’m going to your house and then whenever he just by God’s presence in his house Zacchaeus stands up and says if I’ve cheated anybody I’m going to pay him back four times and I’m going to do this and and then God says Jesus said today celebrations come to this house he didn’t have to you know put tackiest through a training program and lay hands on him and speak in tongues and all this other stuff he just he just was there the presence of God was there and the presence of God is in every believer so we don’t have an excuse because if we’re carrying the presence then we need to be tuned in like very Marie says got to be a dialogue with the Lord so that we know hey this guy over here really needs help I didn’t point to Joe The he really needs help and that. But the that’s the scriptural model. And I have some testimonies from today from this. There’s there’s a couple churches we talked about Bethel Church and we talk about. There’s a school called the Global wakening over in eastern end of the state Bethel churches in California and they both even though there are different in their. Culture or whatever they they both function by sending out teams of students whether it’s to different countries or different places and they do it. A lot of time to the healing emphasis but they that the healing is not the only thing and they don’t want to lead people to sell waste in the one they want to see they want to heal the whole the whole person so. And some of these students like I can speak from experience here we have I don’t know where the the ones anyone he was here when my niece and her husband were here Ben and Becky Domingo as Ban was they were living in Vermont and Ben wasn’t doing well in his job because he was severely dyslexic and then finally the he would had enough so he had heard about Bethel Church in California so he says I’m going to go out there and see what’s going on first meeting out there. They had a call for dyslexia he stood up immediately got healed he came back and grab Becky and his and his little boy and said we’re going air and he said they have a school for ministry and everything so they just got barely into California there and got situated and got into the church. And Ben was in one of the what they call healing rooms and this big guy came up to him that he couldn’t bend over and couldn’t use his hands because he had been. Damaged his back so bad and I guess he was a veteran he was. A damn err you know injured in the war so anyway then you know I mean he’s pretty green you know I mean he just got there you know. And he put his hand on us and got a shoulder and he started to pray and just started to pray and the guy started giggling then he looks down and the guy’s hands are going like this and he says what’s going on and the guy just bent over and touched the floor and he many gave then a big bear hug and everything so you know that’s all you need Jesus is all you need the power of the Holy Spirit the presence of God is all we need. There’s Bethel Church global wakening John Hunter they all do that type of thing. Those types of ministries where there’s there’s a lead person but Pastor Steve and I went out and saw Bill Johnson and these people from Buffalo and people from global wakening several years ago now and. They’ll talk and know gets to tell you what’s going on and everything but then the lead guy goes out to the book table and his students are up front you need prayer here they are and they get a lot of results that way. And I mean we don’t have to have an agenda. As is and we’re going to follow the Lord I remember a story a long time ago I don’t know where I heard the. There was two guys in a restaurant booth. And one guy was really seriously witnessing the other guy and the other guy wasn’t open at all. He was just like a brick wall and. The guy was they spent some time with him. Trying to convince him and this and the other thing and and finally and the guy with it was witnessing was just really getting kind of frustrated because Lord you know I know you told me to come here and with him and and do this you know. And at the end of. Scuse me at the end of a certain amount of time the guy in the next booth or a big guy got up come over to their booth put a gun down on the table and said I’m tired of living this way I want to get saved he was listen to the guy that was trying to get the other guys say. So that you know that was he you know that was the. Reason God put him where he was God doesn’t do the same thing twice very often. And. I’m going to say one more N N But I just want to encourage everybody no matter how green you think you are no if you’re afraid of. Striking up a conversation with a stranger nobody could have been more fraid of that than me I could never do that and so what I’ve done in the past few years now is of I’m at Wal-Mart or I’m in the barriers or somewhere and I see one veteran with one of them hats on I make sure I go up to him and thank him for his service and and that usually gets a very sincere thank you you know. And that builds your confidence you know no I know that those people appreciate what I said so that’s how I’m kind of training myself just to go up to a stranger and say I did you know a problem in a. You didn’t for I got here just don’t be afraid if you have the Holy Spirit He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear and if you don’t have the Holy Spirit we have ways Mixon that so I remember I remember when Thomas char ask was the general superintendent of the Assemblies of God and he was done it eventually Heights one time and we were done and he said something about a measuring coming into his office and he had been tampered with. And. So. The Spirit of God is what we need. That dialogue with the spear to go on. Thank you so much. So each and every one US has everything that we need and it may not be necessary comfortable you know to be praying for somebody or giving somebody advice or whatnot that. God put you there for such a time as this or A and when you look at the fivefold minister you know from the fusions for me I’ve got Apostles evangelists teachers preachers and I’m missing one apostles prophets evangelists teachers and preachers the pastors. Effusions forces that their entire purpose their entire role in the body of Christ is do we quit every person for the work of ministry literally that’s what the Word of God says and so you know if I’m not doing that then I’m failing in my job you guys are you know you’ve hired the wrong guy you know if I’m not equipping each and every one of you to fulfill your purpose in Christ that’s what this year’s vision is going to do so many clothes at this because I know everybody’s pride get a little antsy and one nod off yet I see one sleeping you know I’m proud of y’all that’s great. I’d be be sleepy in those comfy chairs you know all right anyways so Nate last one so the changes I don’t want talk about the practical side of things so you kind of see the idea of where God is leading us the concept of making sure that every person realizes that they matter to God and we do that through dialogue through conversation not listening to some guy preach for an hour or an hour and a half or two hours depending how long we go here you know we do that by being equipped to the Holy Spirit like valid said each and every one of us you know has that ability and that potential Homme you just need the opportunities that’s all so we’re going to try. To end with the how the practical side of what’s going to change or a new hope we’re going to trying something this is going to be I love having a smaller church because it’s going to be some trial and error and we’re going to learn together you know through things we’re going to try a different service of our form and see how that goes there’s going to better enable us to fulfill a vision for us this year some of these practical changes are going to allow us to integrate preaching prayer dialogue worship in ministry you know we want to see these aspects all happening at each service and it sounds like a tall order but we’re going to set things up so that it’s just going to naturally happen naturally you know I’m going to be preaching for a little bit maybe five or ten minutes and then we’re going to take time where we talk about it you know or we’re going to take time to you know to pray for one another about something or we’re going to take time to minister to each other about something you know us together everybody everybody together and of course you know worship you know we were really taken back and you know we really miss a lot of worship and we went back and I have low mental because we went from having like five worship four teams to having You Tube you know and it’s been really painful for us because we love to worship God you know let’s go to different church Sunday morning sickness and spirits and you. Worship. But now we see looking back on the Asli what God was doing why God was doing that you know to sort of set us up for this kind of environment so we’re going to be integrating all those things the Gods give us an idea how to accomplish all these things in a normal service timeframe right because everybody’s busy nobody has time to come out to a prayer service Monday a healing service Tuesday and. You know a Bible study Thursday people’s own time for that anymore so we’re going to great it all in one service and one really packed service where you can have an encounter with God. So we’re going to be alternating throughout the service of these different aspects of it the sanctuary layout is going to be modified this is an idea concepts it’s pregnant look a little different than this when we actually do it but we’re going to kind of modify the sanctuary layout so that the chairs are sort of facing centrally but also so that there’s naturally small groups that are formed that can do these things you can pray for each other talk with each other so that that that’s going to kind of alternate back and forth between preaching and discussion prayer ministry worship all those things is going to naturally happen as a result of the updated sanctuary you know lay out so we’re going to be working on that probably this week maybe next week I don’t know exactly whether we’re going to start this next week or the week following visit be coming up here real soon so that’s why we know it’s so important for everyone to come out to the service that they could because otherwise are going to walk into this church and like what is going on here this is not church what happened in New Hope overnight you know. And you know what I want my desire personally and I believe it’s the Holy Spirit’s desire is that if you miss a week of church you miss something you hear about it and you’re like I should’ve been there I missed it you know that’s me every week you know in the upcoming year because God’s going to be here is going to be moving it’s going be doing things I have awesome testimonies coming as a result I believe. We’re going to make new hope great again. Together we’re going to discuss you know in your natural form group together we’re going discuss a question that suppose or maybe pray for one another about something specific minister to some area of life although we’re going to be in small groups the theme is going to be over all the same right whatever God gives me for that morning and man I’ve been begging him to give me what messages are going to be laid out you know this year hasn’t happened yet so it’s going to be something that I’m not thinking of it’s going to be his ideas you know not mine which Yeah you know my wife’s planning you guys complied to it’s OK. His ideas here’s the practical side of things I’m asking everybody to kind of keep that time brief you know I love it you know you can do deliverance by counseling with somebody for a decade and you can see someone delivered by saying you know what name of Jesus get out of their five seconds. You know so we want to kind of keep that time brief because we want again to let everyone know that everyone matters so during that time you know don’t share the last twenty years of what’s happened in your marriage and how you got to where you’re Rat be like my marriage needs a little work. The Lord knows everything and he’s the one that is and it’s not about us it’s about him he knows what you’ve been three knows you’re going through you know and and he’s going to minister through us you know to those needs so kind of keep the time brief so that everybody has the opportunity to share so that everybody has the opportunity to be prayed for everyone who wants to everyone who wants to has that opportunity to share whatever is happening for example if a dialogue starts going on between two people for more than you know a couple of minutes then I’d ask you to just exchange contact information meet up at a later time you know or or talk after church or something take them out to lunch or say I’m saying you know if if if you know if they have a question and the answer is going to take you twenty minutes you know we don’t want to break back into another portion and like the entire church is disjoint because this conversation still happening over there that conversation so happening over there to try to keep things brief you know is on the practical side of things you can always talk at a later time. And you know if during ministry time it becomes clear that someone has an in-depth need somebody require some some one on one counseling that’s what myself and the elders are here for you know if you’re not comfortable with that you know recommend that they talk to one of us and we’ll deal with that there’s no need for you to do like in-depth counseling or or you know any kind of service in that format you know so you know we want everyone to be ministering but try to keep it somewhat brief because I want I want to kind of alternate at least every ten minutes you know and again in our culture isn’t that kind of how everything happens you know watched absolutely anything a T.V. shows news for gas people have very short attention spans these days and so by by alternating things and keeping things moving you know it’s more engaging you guys know you probably haven’t heard the last like ten minutes of things that we’ve said you probably won’t remember tomorrow because you’ve been dulled by talking by monologue you know we’re going to break that stuff up. Again we want to foster an atmosphere that clearly reveals that we’re all in this together every single person matters to God every won we all live in a broken world as a result of sin we all live in it we all deal with it we are all tempted in different ways but we are all tempted into sin you know we all get hurt and lesbians of each other we all hurt people we are all very hurtful from time to time we all have issues that we’re dealing with we’re all growing in our faith you know and that’s going to be sure until the day that we’re all called home you know whether Jesus comes and raptures us home before we die or we kick the bucket and then we get raptured first you know it’s going to happen until that day until that day that we’re all called home we’re all still literally sinners in need of a savior and so just because we sin differently or what not that’s you know something that we want to deal with together but we want to encourage one another to overcome those things we want to empower each other to be all that you are in Christ to overcome sin to overcome some station in your life and to walk in the path that he has chosen for you are small group Times should equally value all individuals right and that means listening with the intent of understanding OK the dialogues as Maria kind of mentioned dialogues they’re not intended to be fights dialogues take a look at the life of Jesus he never had a dialogue that was a battle to be won. It was always dialogue to achieve understanding even when people came and tried to Turpin MOPP and hard to get him to you know say something is contradictory something else he had said he would ask them a question trying to get them to understand what they didn’t understand so that means listening even if we don’t agree with them in all honesty that means we’re listening to them even if what they are saying is completely contradictory to the Word of God we’re still listening to them because we’re trying to understand where they’re coming from Right that’s what Jesus did he tried to understand people because you know not just to win an argument with them but to understand we want to understand who they are we want to understand where they’re coming from because after all to be to be to disciple somebody as we’re called to do commanded to do need on a back there yeah you need to know where they are starving right. We are commanded to make disciples of all the nations are right but I can’t disciple Bethany if I don’t know where she’s at if I don’t know where she’s coming from you know every map has that you’re here marked or so when people come in and they are lost and they’re hurting and they’re broken and their living sinful lifestyle isn’t and they believe something is in contradiction to the Word of God we want to listen to them to understand first of all where they’re at then you can start to disciple them and to lead them where they need to be into a place of freedom into a place of holiness and healing into the presence of God but you’ve got to first listen to understand them of where they are at and for people like me my personality type is really hard for me to do that’s why I love my wife she helps me in those areas she’s my translator for emotions and understanding hero. And guess what there’s going to be people in your group that are that for you there because we need each other there are going to be people in your small group to understand where someone’s coming from and you don’t here’s like we just need to stop it just cut it out I mean whatever you know don’t buy that Carton cigarettes and you will smoke any more you know I mean you know you’re going need those people that are compassionate and understanding and they’ve been there and they had struggled in that you know we need each other so so sometimes the wisest thing you can do is just keep your mouth shut and listen try to understand people. Everyone should feel comfortable sharing their needs openly and honestly and that’s not going to happen you know two weeks from now it’s going to take time some of you guys of no one else for a decade in there’s still some things I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing you know it takes time it takes relationship and that’s OK but everyone should feel comfortable doing that you know gossip and slander absolutely forbidden when someone shares something with you in the services don’t go out and tell everyone else about it. Even if it’s like we need to be praying for them and don’t do it that’s a Christian label on gossip that is nothing of God so don’t be doing that everything that is shared is to be confidential we want to be a church that is known for that that actually cares about people that actually says that they matter if they matter to you you’re not going to go around gossiping to people about what you found out you know the the new juicy stuff we want to be a church that what we’re prophetic we want to be a people of prophecy and prophecy is exactly that it encourages it strengthens and empowers right first Corinthians fourteen it does those things we want to speak Words that encourage strength and empower people in the genuine love of Christ we want people to know that they are loved by God even in their sin they are still loved by God and he has better plans for them we don’t want to speak down to people we want to don’t want to tear them up chances are if they’re here they have already beat themselves up enough they don’t need your help to do it OK and they need your help they need to encourage mint. As Paul writes of the church an emphasis here efficient shepherd for we want to speak only words that are helpful for building other people up right according to what their names build them up according to their needs not your opinions build them up according to their needs not who you think they’re supposed to be build them up according to their needs it may benefit everyone who listens Ragdoll shared a testimony about that you never know who is listening and what God may have you there talking to that person not for you enough for that person but for someone who is listening right if you can ship before but according to their knees may benefit those who listen and it goes on in verse thirty to say and do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God that is within you don’t grieve the Holy Spirit I’m telling you when you start tearing people down and when you start gossiping about them you grieve the Holy Spirit of God it hurts him because there are people created in His image and they have a divine plan and purpose for their lives your being a stumbling block that’s the whole millstone you know discussion we don’t want to be that people rather we will see the Holy Spirit move not grieved so we want to clearly have revealed in every service that every one matters right everyone matters to get he knows us full well and yet he loves us completely He knows our strengths he knows our weaknesses he knows our successes he knows our failures he knows our over comings and he knows our sins he knows it all and yet he still loves us completely and that’s true even before we turn to him even before we receive his salvation he still cares about us that much though we’re all full well deserving of his wrath right and so he pours out his mercy out of his heart of compassion and we want every person to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit during these times we don’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit we want to experience more of Christ’s less of us we want to experience his words and not our opinions we want people to experience His grace and not our condemnation and so these changes that we’re making are foundational to ensure that every person who attends knows that they matter to God and what they’re going through matters to him but that there is hope for Hades it’s not over yet that he has plans and purposes for them we want people to be able to ask their questions and get answers and yes our answers are always based in the Word of God always based on the Word of God and we want to provide those answers for them and if you don’t know. Either you know be quiet or and let someone who doesn’t know speak up or dig into it for yourself and get their information like hey I’ll give you a call I don’t know I’ve got to look into that it’s OK. We’ll make sure that everybody has their needs met and on and on and on and so for this year we want everyone to realize that they matter to God does all this kind of make sense to yell time for questions and answers as part of the you know the annual business meeting here is going to be lots of dialogue for that so kind of let the settle in and. We’re going to hear community transform this year Right right yeah. Right. This is going toward prayer so Jesus we thank you so much that we do matter to you that we matter so much to you that you are willing to give your life for us and we thank you Jesus for your patience. We deserve hell but you empower us and adopt us into your kingdom and we thank you for all the people that you put us in touch with God That is not accidental and weak knowledge that this morning we are there because they matter to you so Jesus. Fill us to overflowing with your Holy Spirit make us more sensitive to your voice that we can hear what you’re saying that we can see what you’re doing that we can cooperate with you to show those people that they matter to you and we just thank you so much for what you’re going to do in and through us here in this valley this year and then we also thank you for the meal that we’re about to receive and those who gave up this service to make it possible because that’s your blessing upon the meal and upon that time of dialogue and fellowship that we’re going to have together as we kind of exchange ideas about what you’re going to do in the upcoming year in your name and.