Be Strong and Courageous

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There was a couple guys. Play golf together all their lives. Maybe you’ve heard this before. But they’re getting older so they distorted to say well I wonder if there’s golf in heaven. And so the They’d he decided they agreed together that whoever went first would come back and tell the other one if there was gold in heaven so eventually the one guy died when he came back in the middle of night talk to his buddy and he said. The guy says OK tell me is there golf in heaven he said well I got good news and bad news he says what’s the good news he said there’s golf in heaven Well what’s a bad news you’re taking off in the morning. So. That’s. Oh that could be good in bed. Then the way. I wanted to do this on I felt the Lord lead me to do Father’s Day more of a man’s message but naturally honoring fathers on ring or Father God. So I have a kind of titled Peace strong encourages. And that is out of joy sure one nine whenever Joshua took over the leadership. And God said be strong and courageous and in a couple times he said be strong and very courageous. And Joshua’s kind of thing can you try to tell me something. That you discourage. But. Fortunately you know go I was with him we all know the story. So we’re all God. Our Father created men a servant leaders. And. You know if a kid’s toy breaks who fixes it Dad most of the one. Who drives to the vacation spot. Work campground dad who teaches how to put up the tent. Who teaches how to play ball or to hunt. Dad. If there’s trouble with a neighbor who intervenes dad. You know my dad’s bigger than your dad. Shows a little girl that she’s valued. Dad. Who shows a little boy what manhood looks like. Dad. What’s a chief. Chief rules in force or and disciplinary and dad. I’ve got a story on that one from my own personal. OK his children their first idea of God as a father Dad. Chief rules in force are I remember one time when I was like fourteen you know started to feel my teenage ridiculousness and. My son off to mom and then saw Dez car coming up the road in Boyd I repent quick. All you had to do was see him coming home from work. Strange out real quick. And he was a good he’s a good dad he’s still there he’s ninety two. OK we’re made to be. Providers. Protectors encourage others. And to lead by example that’s pretty heavy. But you know fortunately with God as a father he. He leads us through His word terror with a C. shows us how. If you don’t have wisdom on something the Lord says ask for wisdom and he doesn’t find fault when he answers you know so it’s. A very good relationship. That God has instituted. For us but our enemies just the world the flesh in the devil they have other plans they’re trying to. Create fear and discourage people. From the beginning they’ve been trying to sort God’s plan for men. Even back to the original man and his wife. How it. The devil snuck up on even had. Adam we can and you know what happened and we’ve been society been pain for ever since but. You know there’s a. Much appreciation in this world. In that turn of the much and the whole word much opposition in the world in the turnover is confusion and fear. And never over what a man should be if you watch the news you know were our society’s going and how much gender confusion I mean my goodness isn’t that kind of straight forward you were born as a man or born of the woman and I mean it’s how can you mix that up. And then they’ve got us figure you know I don’t know which bathroom to use I don’t know when you know come on and we’ve only got you know few thousand years of precedent here. And the. Whole idea you know. Somebody like you know. Well the one half late to change himself into a woman quote unquote you know God looks enemy still man he’s really messed up but he still men. He’s not God doesn’t change his view. Because we get our body all changed around and start wearing different clothes. So. The whole idea of our society and during this confusing trying to confuse children and trying to they want to tell people even they tell people that now they’re going to have person to pick it’s that they go to wait till the kid gets to a certain age so they can decide what they are. And so this is the kind of culture that we are facing and actually there’s nothing new I mean remember Sodom and Gomorra they were pretty messed up. That it would last because. Yeah mentally Mini people don’t know what manly in this is and they have it all you know if a man is a man he’s got to bust heads and he’s going to rule this family with an iron fist any all this other stuff and then the backlash comes where the man supposed to be nice all the time and. God didn’t create either one of those. Manliness you know the Greek word for manliness it’s the same as the Greek word for courage. And courage is not the absence of fear it’s managing here so there’s a. Good benchmark for us guys. Our society wants to bring fear all these different things going on in our world we don’t know we’re going to get a nuclear bomb we don’t know if our jobs are going to be there we don’t know if a volcano is going to erupt and we’re an earthquake or whatever there’s so many things in this world in the the news is really all just to cover those things like you know you’re all going to die you’re all going to be in a warming. Oh boy I have a brother in law on the left coast since he’s convinced that the ocean is rising. OK. But anyhow. God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. Second Tennessee one seven though God didn’t give us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power and love and self-discipline you know strength. Melina’s power strength under control you know just get that picture of a real strong football player type guy holding a little baby you know he’s got all kinds of muscles and everything but he’s being gentle because. He’s got that strength under control. The roads in need of courageous men. We’re in a spiritual war and our enemy is ruthless and that’s one of the weaknesses I think culture has we all think well for nice he’ll leave us alone. And he wants to just tear us apart he shows his through bringing fear for bringing confusion into things for starting out and dividing families dividing churches dividing every way he can and. That’s one of the thing is that the enemy uses to try to defeat. And it’s up to the men I think as much. Yes. As much as possible it’s up to the men first. To confront that. Because we’re the protector and provider one of the one of the things that. When they’ll come there’s a there’s a whole war against Christianity in our culture have you noticed. My mom one brother in law knew Seattle area was same same one I was talking about there he. He was a teacher. In. A public school. Science class or something like that. But he on his own time on a weekend or whatever on his vacation took some kids from his church to. In Africa for Ethiopia or somewhere for a mission trip. And when he came back. It wasn’t long got called into the principal’s office and said Well you’re a great teacher the kids love you the parents love you and all this stuff but you can’t work here anymore because you might start preaching creationism. That’s the kind of thing where we are facing and there’s one in here my wife added about the. There was a fireman nationally recognized fire chief in Atlanta Georgia. Found they needed more and even more courage when a gay individual learned that he had written a workbook for his church men’s group. One of the lessons dealt with marriage relations so they started hollering that it was discriminatory and the City fire them. In spite of the fact that no one had any examples of his being discriminatory it was a clear case of Christian Christian persecution. We may see more of that which is why we have to gear up and prepare ourselves we don’t nor Bill Bill Johnson said We don’t war for victory we war from a victory. Talking about Jesus victory on the cross victories assured but we’ve got to do our part many can stand knowing that the victory has been won and whenever you know men were created to be the head of the family with headship comes responsibility and I like to take words of Porton rechange my. Responsibility could be ability to respond. And how about the ability to respond with courage in the face of beer. Money it was good. But. The ability to respond with courage in the face of fear God has provided everything we need as a second Peter the second Peter one three he provided everything we need to rule over and defeat the enemy our battle is spiritual. A lot of people have you know he start talking we’re like a lot of people think all that’s bad but our war is spiritual. We aren’t against people we are against rulers and powers in the unseen world that are trying to get rid of or to shut down what Jesus did which will never happened. But anyway and. One of the things that God has provided. In these a six seventeen. Thing here. My lovely assistant. My lovely assistant came over. And. But. We’re told to take this sort of the spirit. Which is the Word of God It’s not our sword it’s the spirits or it were told commanded to pick it up and use it. The. Sword is the Word of God The Bible lays there it’s. One of the not effective until the Spirit comes and gives life to that sword. Then if we know how to use it. Then when us when we get the victory. The. He’d say we have a you can say we have a permit to carry. But we have a mandate to carry said. Remember David and Goliath Dave he. You know his. Little Rock didn’t kill Goliath. His Little Rock surprised the heck out of Elias and he stumbled and fell and then he took Elias sword and after that David never used a sling again he had a sword. So. The Using Goliath sword like we were using the Spirit Sword brings victory. And or we’re fair must be intentional if we don’t know the sword. And how to use the sword and have a relationship with the spirit who owns a sword how are we going to get victory. When the A miner was rebuilding the wall. This is the to me a mine of four seventeen and eighteen. And verse twenty three he says he had Station people. With tools in one hand and a sword in the other and they said they cared or sword at their side even when they went to get water. They were always ready where we can’t drag one of these around all the time but the sword should be in here in our hearts. Always ready. That it be a good. Marie said never never give up never give up my my thing might be always ready. To be like like my son used to say beep repaired. And. He’s here so I can embarrass him. Anyway. We should always have our sword ready and I mean carried our hearts and then you’re wondering why I put to stuff up here. Let’s just say this is a door to your house. And if. I get a wall at the side. If four door to our house looks like that. What do you think the enemy’s going to do. While whom come on going in there. And what do you think the enemy’s going to do whenever there’s any opening whether it’s in our culture or government our media you know all those things entertainment. The enemy’s going to get in. So what they knew what the enemy needs to see is just like Jesus saw in the desert someone here. Is written. Oops. It’s heavy it is written. The words are God’s Word of God has authority and the story has a weight. So whenever Jesus was in the desert. He kept telling the devil it’s written it’s written it’s written and God couldn’t Ergo the devil couldn’t argue with him but he scampered off finally. Remember the seven sons of ski the. This is a little bit different. Another point here but in ASH nineteen thirteen and sixteen they were using the same the name of Jesus whom Paul preached which tells you right there they didn’t know the name Jesus in their heart they heard about Jesus in it or well that’s a good incantation to use. And they were trying to deliver a guy from demon possession and he ended up. Well let’s just say that in then good for them one guy beaten up seven because they didn’t have the word in their heart. And were just using what they thought would work. And won’t go well with us either we merely used the word without the relationship. The the sort of the Lord sort of the Holy Spirit. I kind of like this thing and. I got some graphs that need a well known one. Remember we have a license to carry. On. In a book that I like a men’s book. Called battle ready by Steve for one of the better best men’s authors. It echoes First Corinthians sixteen thirteen four points. Be on the alert. Stand firm in the faith. Act like men and be strong. You know we have I don’t want to perceive the getting too political but. Channel China has been kind of let’s just say they’re not or a real good friend but. This year now for they have to nicknames for president one is Donald the strong and the other one is the great commander. So we have. We have beginning to get respect because God put Donald a strong where he is and God is leading DONALD The strong as the church continues to hold them up in prayer. We do our duty or part to. OK I’m off the political part. So for the application how do we apply this to our daily lives especially since one of father’s duties is to help mold and equip the next generation. When we tell our kids man up. Do they know what we’re talking about or do they say what’s. What do they see is a model. One of the things we need to do. Is get off that I have quote unquote mule of pride male male you know your guy I’m a guy so I’m talking about guys we have this male pride thing where we don’t want to look like we’re weak we don’t want to look like. We’re hurt or any of that stuff. But you know an awful lot of guys think if I apologized and I’m weak but actually if you apologize for something you did you’re strong. So get off them you’re all of male pride and offer a sincere apology when we are wrong not for whatever I did or if I’ve done anything it’s there’s a specific you knew you did it. Tell your kid OK I did this it hurts here i’m story and I still love you. And. And you expect nothing in return because sometimes they have to work it out on your Depends on the severity of but if you make a habit of it if every time you go you know and I’m not talking about discipline kids need discipline but you got to do it the right way. But. You make a habit of whenever you step in it which is just tell him you know I stepped in it you know then they know then what humility looks like. And they know what men here manhood looks like. That makes it easier for kids to honor us which is one of the Ten Commandments. Couple examples from our personal lives I My wife’s dead they were coming this is years ago when there was only four kids and their family ended up having six but her one brother had asthma real bad. And they ended up you know the doctor said if you don’t get to a dry climate you’re going to lose them so they packed up and went to Arizona Well they didn’t like it there because you couldn’t even touch the door handles on the core. They were used to Pennsylvania so they heard about Colorado Springs and they thought they’d be a good place to go. So they were driving in this and Jensen This reminded me this is this is back whenever there was a no big interstate highway no cell phones no this stuff. And her dad looked on a map and it was a short shorter way to go over the mountains to get from one place to the other which was a gravel road with no guard reels and all that kind of stuff and so much cause for fear specially among the kids. And whenever they got to like the halfway point there was kind of a plateau there so they could be safely poor. And he. Led them outs to look at the game out there the the. Mountain Goats and things like that and analog. And took a bunch of pictures and they just made it fun to take that fear way from his family. And nobody knows but I would bet he wasn’t pretty of fear him self because when you got a big travel trailer and you’re going across a gravel road in the mountains with no guardrails I mean just because you’re macho doesn’t mean you don’t little bit scared you know. John Wayne said. Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. So. He showed that it’s manly to control fear and make life fun. My dad when I was accidental when I when I was. Certain Age I was fairly young yet but I was using his garden tractor in one run blowing horns for people for a little money in the summertime. And I was up at one of the neighbors and they were putting a law in so they wanted me to come up and use it discs you know a lot of logs you know what discs or kind of start loosen up the girth dirt so I was doing that and I just about done and I went around the corner of the house and here’s a disc cut is aluminum siding and I didn’t a nothing about you know repair an aluminum siding or anything I was really. Needless to say it was not a good day. For my dad went on to help the neighbor fix the damage make things right showing me that it’s manly to make things right. So as. We. As we remember who soared this is and as we remember we’re supposed to have. Use of it. That’s puts a mandate on us to how we use it right. So as we go forward. I thank God for fathers who take their position seriously. And I know that you know. Her chin to the choir again but. You take your position seriously because you know. The young ones are worth investing in and protecting and providing for and training I thank God for being our perfect Heavenly Father who we can always count on. In any situation who knows us and loves us anyway. So. At the conclusion of this. I want to you know we usually have gifts for the father’s. And some a little different this year. Yeah. Some little different this year and it might seem like an AWD gift for others. But really. A lot a lot of fathers have. Invested in needs. These are not only. Symbol of America but they’re America was founded on real freedom of worship. So there’s a big. Meaning in these. That. A lot of men have died for and been messed up for life for so. I don’t know I just I guess I just felt. Fourth of Julys coming up guys might need a couple of these so. We’ve got these. You know that. I tried to get a little kind of a pocket tool and. And it fell on the floor and I’m not. I was kind of disappointed in it because on the Internet a lot bigger but it’s something you can put in your pocket and. You find a use for it one so what I want to do some little different today I’m always different. Like for the men coming. And going to give you each one of these. And I want to shake your hand and put blessing on you. And I like to start. Like to start with our fearless leader. Pastor Steve the next and the next in line is George Ames. And if you’re a veteran you’re lined up behind Joe. Just. As thank you for. Thank you. For your leadership and your inspiration. This is and when you’re one of the little tiny tools well. Thank you Joe for your service. And for everything you’ve put up with. Just for being here so regularly. Thank you. And I’m glad you’re here God bless you. And. Your other guys. There’s other guys here. And the other guys. Appreciate. Them a little while being here thank you God bless thank you. Appreciate pleasure here. You know militia. The blessing. Of us attempt. As you. Stand weighs it lets you take the place you like that you’re here. Thank God bless you. Why didn’t you get at all. Unless you leisure. The listener. Better rebut is worth. Well they don’t have to be a writer not just one of the veterans to be first. And see couple more Bernanke. In deciding if you’re a man in order to their. Own how they don’t have to be a father you know this is a man’s thing. Thanks. For sharing. This little guy his voice. Rose bush you’re alleging here. A little bit of this you. But that. I didn’t hear with. Thank you Alicia. OK did we get everybody. Yes we did. So. I appreciate everybody being here and I just. I just bless you in the name of Jesus. I’ve prayed for a good week for each one if you ever want to have a bad week just preach a sermon. Ahead of time the enemy the enemy lets you know he’s there. And but show over come by the blood of the Lamb and the word or testimony. Thank you. Thank you.