Acts: A Day In The Life

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Well I’m excited this has been a fun study. I am going to speak on Acts two this morning and I was looking at it to try to. See what all God has because you can go so many different places. And I’m really good at writing on bunny trail so I’m really ask God to help keep me him down and so for your sake I have already asked God in advance so that this stays where it should be and then Pastor Steve asked if I was going to the whole chapter a part of it I was looking at I’m like well I could just stay on X. what the first couple verses and we could hit all kinds of funny trails and they would be so much fun but I thought the Lord gave me a title which is in the I day in the life. A day in the life. I thought well then I need to do the whole chapter because that was a whole day. So why decided to hog it all and I’m going to try to cover it in a way that makes sense and challenges us all to become who Christ has us to be. This was a day. That we’ve all waited for we would all love to enjoy this day that they experienced back in the day of Pentecost that day so much happened and it was the pushing off point of everything that we have now so we’re going to start with. Chapter two verse one. And when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all assembled together in one place. When suddenly there came a sound like from heaven like the rushing of a violent tempest blast and it filled the whole house in which they were sitting. That’s open with prayer Father we are so aware of how much we need you in our life. We know the stories. We’ve been able to experience some of our own and yet we are fully aware that there is more when we spend eternity paternity to eternity with you the forevers and for others and for others who will never come to the and of the more of you. So I’m asking Father that you help me to express what’s on your heart today for us here. And that you would make us hungrier. For your presence make us thirsty or. For that well that never runs dry and help us to see the things that are in our own life that hold us back from the more I ask Father that as we. Go through this weekend and all the weeks that you have been us that we would be aware of the things that are air life that stumble us so that we can come out of that and not fall and trip over those same things that you would help us to to recognize opportunities as they come our way so that we will grab them gladly. Help us Father by the power of your spirit to become the happy people of destiny that you have created us to be one that will touch this area for Jesus. A people who left the name of Jesus up so high. That you were then able to draw on then to yourself Thank you for using us. And giving us the privilege of knowing you. For longing for us to go for the more. You’re an awesome cheering section and we’re so grateful that you are a wonderful daddy we love you the Lord and I’m. Well last week Pastor Steve had talked about. How they had gathered in the upper room there was one hundred twenty of them and they were waiting for the promise and they didn’t know what it was going to be really. Jesus called them the comforter the one who would come and help them but they had no idea what was coming didn’t know what it was going to look like they didn’t know it was going to feel like they didn’t know what is going to sound like but they stayed in that room together and I was thinking about that what did they do one hundred and twenty people and one room waiting for progress they didn’t know when it was going to come. This is an act of faith that God really just dirt in my heart this is an act of faith that weight their weight was not a weight of like. You know I go back to work about three more weeks of business and calm you know I don’t take off it was a weight that was anticipating what God was going to do they were looking. And they were watching. And they were wondering. And they were praying. And I just can hardly believe the word does not say this but if you get one hundred twenty people who have walking in that kind of faith who love their Jesus so very very much that the only thing they want to do is what he has asked them to do I can guarantee you that place was filled with worship. They were praising God they were waiting on God They were anticipating God and God. And he didn’t come like they thought I don’t think anybody had a clue I mean I don’t know what to look like today if Holy Spirit came today what would it look like if he came in a manifest way because we already know the Holy Spirit’s here he’s an ass he’s around us God is everywhere all the time God in the Holy Spirit and Jesus are one. But what what I’m sorry I don’t like. Banging your head what would it look like what will it sound like and what would it feel like if the manifest presence of God that presence that you feel and you see and you hear. And you can speak. Differently than you ever did before what would that look like today. I personally don’t know. But I have been able to experience the presence of God in many ways and I’ve seen people in their body you react in different ways because when the Holy Spirit comes he. Just does stuff and when he does it he heals our heart he envisions us he which stores us he helps us he gives us vision for life he gives us a destiny he restored as a relationship that goes beyond what we have a new needed to be stored because he’s always moving in our heart in revealing things that we’re afraid to give him and it is an incredible thing when the power and presence of God comes. And when when. I can see him and I can almost see his name but I can’t give you his name because I can’t think of it what he did God chasers. Thank you. Tommy ten he tells a story of one time he went to speak and he saw something he couldn’t even describe it come in the back of the church and as it came to the front of the church people just went out under the power of God. Would not be cool. The guy comes in many ways but when you know that he is in you and moving through you it is awesome awesome so on this day of Pentecost while they were in that room waiting. Anticipating looking for God to move he came an incredible power full way. That they saw. Flames on the head that looked for cloven flame to look that up cloven you know that the Jewish people were not allowed to eat any meat that didn’t come from cloven hooves. If they had a full hook they could eat it so I go out God that’s kind of cool. It was a clean thing he did. He gave them something they could take and they could feel good about taking because they knew it was OK course they were already in faith and they were going to take whatever God gave them and the sound like a mighty rushing when it was so loud that the people in the city heard it the people in the city heard it and they came to find out what in the world was going on I can’t even imagine what that would mean I can’t imagine in the Lord what that would look like let alone out of God what that would look like. And then they begin to speak and different languages and we all know that you know that Pentecost came later filled with the spirit and it was a baptism of fire and and God gave them unknown languages and a great revival took place and that’s all truth but when you think about what that must have felt like. And how does that apply to us today I’ve heard that there is a baptism of fire that goes on top of the bat isn’t that the Holy Spirit It’s not like it’s a different baptism it’s like it’s an increase of the baptism it’s a power that just continues to grow and grow. And. I don’t know if that’s actual factual. Because it doesn’t say in the Bible anywhere that you get baptized in water and then you get baptized in the spirit and then you get back ties with fire. But I believe it was John the Baptist has said that someone was coming who is greater than him that would baptize in fire and water. So all was at Pentecost. Where that’s something that that goes beyond Pentecost to all the believers I don’t know but if there is one I won it because I need more of God I need more of him every day in my life I need it. And I find it’s hard to walk in a way that allows God to manifest his presence any way he wants in my life at any time in my life. And I’ve seen God do some pretty crazy things. And it can be very hard. When they said. The city people they didn’t know Jesus what in the world is going on there are like a bunch of drunk people there just drunk people I always think that’s so funny because Peter’s response was so not drunk like you think. So I think my response would have been. If that’s all it takes to be able to speak Spanish Hey. Give me a bottle of a mysterious Lee who in the world learns a foreign language that they have never learned before in their life because they drank too much they may speak in Babel but it doesn’t make any sense to anybody. And that was not that wasn’t his response and I was think wow my mind must just really go weird places because I don’t think I just said oh they’re not drunk like you think this is what’s happening I said What are you talking about if you get drunk and you speak an Arab. I mean it just doesn’t make sense to me. When God moves he does things in a way that the world has an opportunity to choose just like we do and we are going to decide is God are we going to decide it’s not and if it’s not God and it really is and we have to come up with a reason that we can justify it so we can blow it off and I think it’s really neat THEY GOT PUT THAT IN the scripture because sometimes when God’s moving we see people who blow it off and then we see people who receive it and now we know that that’s human nature is not something we did wrong is that when God starts to move people have to make a decision when the God moves on our heart we have to decide we want to make him our Lord or are we going to make him. Somebody we don’t want talk about because we want to live our own life we always have to make a decision but I think one of the things that God put heavy on my heart for this morning is that. The church is subject to that same decision. And when God starts to move how will God’s people. Well we say oh that’s just ridiculous there’s out there or we say God is how you can say that you have won it I don’t care what I look like I don’t care what I sound like I don’t care what my neighbors thinks. Because that’s a hard one I remember years ago praying that God would restore the prophetic to the church I prayed and I cried out card please we need the prophetic come back to the church. He said Don’t pray for something unless you’re willing to pray that their hearts will be raided receive it because when God does what God does our hearts don’t have to be willing. Or we’re going to have prayer on Saturday we’re going to pray for the entire day we’re going to come together and we’re going to worship and we’re going to pray and we’re going to seek God’s face and we’re not even going to eat we’re going to fast because we know God’s going to move the powerful way how many people will sign up for that for next Saturday. You see it’s not just that something happens is that our heart is ready to receive it. And so. I’ve seen through the years so many people who have had opportunity to have the feeling of the Holy Spirit but they they try and they try but something doesn’t seem to click and they just can’t seem to get through and I will tell you right now I haven’t a clue why. Because it’s not mine to say because only God knows the heart of man but this I do know I have seen the church mark a move of God I have seen the church split. Over the infilling of the Holy Spirit I have watched people’s lives destroyed. Because they wanted to go forward but they were afraid because they saw that the mob Jordi thought it was nuts. So they. Didn’t go there because it is always saying to us I want a vessel that doesn’t care what anybody thinks and I want to charge that is willing to let this person over here will weep while this person over here laughs while this person over here falls prostrate and know that that is my same spirit that is moving but that one is we not necessarily because the center could be for the last this one could be laughing not necessarily because the second because they see that the enemy’s attempts are futile. And God is moving and this one could be laid prostrate because the power of God has become so powerful that they can’t even lift their head off the ground we used to call that would be caught dead head or in the lead head we call that the lead head. Because your head is so heavy you can’t get off the floor and God’s presence is so awesome you don’t really care. He just want more. So the baptism of the Holy Spirit we know based on Acts two it’s a real thing. And it says as Peter described what was happening and shared the blatant harsh reality. Then. And there. The way that they all are part they took part in the crucifixion of Jesus we’re not talking about people who we know we have a sin nature and so when I tell my neighbor you are born in sin and you reject Jesus like you’re hanging him on the cross again that’s that’s truth but it’s it’s really like the cutting truth when you actually did have the hammer in your hand when you really were standing there yelling crucify him. Peter didn’t mince words he was clear and he described what took place that this same Jesus that you crucified. Has risen again. And they had to make a decision and I don’t know how many were there the Bible doesn’t say how many gathered but we know there are five thousand or one that day in the Gospel they came to know Jesus that day that day there was an explosion in the church. I think that is. Like God. He knew that we were going to need a jump start to get started. And that there was not enough time to waste and he like pushed him into something and Peter the one who couldn’t even look at Jesus because he had already denied him twice. Is now the one who was reverb elease speaking out and saying this is what this says and this is why it’s here if you know the Scriptures and you can go back to Joel because I’m telling you that this is what Joel talked about this everything you see in everything you hear it’s all in the word and he went through and he he unfolded the Scriptures to them I thought of Jesus when He rose again and he was walking with those two and they didn’t recognize him but he unfolded the Scriptures to them. And then they saw. Him. Change he said yes their eyes were open Peter had an opportunity to unfold the Scriptures to these people and they could find out what really was happening and that it was Bible and it was OK That’s what happens with the end filling of the Holy Spirit. But Peter knew the word. Is not a preference it’s not. Good for it’s not something that has to be done because God can put his word in your mouth whether you render rubber read it before or not I’ve seen him do what he’s done it with me I find out later wow that’s actually in the word that’s cool cause I don’t even know they just sounded good at the time when it came out my mouth I heard it all when he was sure as coming from his that’s what God does if you’re willing to open your mouth but when you know the Scripture then you’re able to explain it and people can understand it and then they understand why the things are happening how many of you have heard people say wow what is with the weather this is crazy I mean there are storms everywhere I pulled out my phone today to see how to address the you know hit the weather and. And there was this big list of names of all the storms they’ve already named all the storms that are going to probably come this winter how. Odd it is bring those babies on I think and then they have a time you know it’s like they are in no how many names do the storm hasn’t come yet. But you know there’s so much is happening and I hear people when we were traveling we heard someone say this whole thing as like kind of scary as big storms are everywhere and floods everywhere and he’s. Been like Dennis nothing is normal but she’s the said that in his word nothing is normal and it gives an opportunity to share the gospel gives opportunity say I know what’s happening I don’t know what’s with those weather or why do she said in the last days this is what’s going to happen. And as you know the word then you’re able to bring it out and I just I just love. This. But I believe that God wants us. To grab ahold of something that we’ve never understood before there’s a lot of us here that have already been filled with the spirit and we already speak in tongues. I thought the spirit I can speak in tongues. Because God gives a language for all of us now do I speak in a language as somebody would actually understand as far as you know the county in. India or I don’t know. I don’t never talk to anybody in another language that they said I recognize that could be a heavenly language I think warning warring languages which is really cool because then God moves like really wild like he does something the he would and I wouldn’t I it’s just it’s just God there’s no explanations or school but what I want what I really want is to challenge all of us here to ask God to help us to be discerning people because when God starts to move we want to recognize God we don’t want to take it to our box and stay it doesn’t fit and we don’t want to take it to the scripture and say it doesn’t say this should happen. As long as it says it shouldn’t happen I didn’t say everything this is say that when the Holy Spirit falls on you you’re going to start to shake and quake and then you’re going to fall on the ground it doesn’t say that you may start groaning and moaning Well yeah that would just say OK but. I just I see OK somebody raise their hands and God starts moving their hands it’s going like this. It doesn’t say that in the Bible that when you felt the spirit your hand they could not sell but does says sometimes you fall like a dead man. When the presence cons I have seen. The move of God quenched. Several times in my life because. People chose to walk in the flash and not the spirit when it came to their judgments. I have seen people hurt and offended because what they thought was God Somebody said wasn’t and then they were confused. And I really really crying out they God would give us a heart so that when he comes like he said he will that we will embrace it and know that a loving father who gives good gifts also will tell us wait a minute now you’re going a little off here I want you to come right back here again because this is where I have you because this is where our loving Father does. When Junior comes in his walk and you go like this Doria because you just want to make sure that they go No no no back over here on the back over here that’s what a loving father does when Junior is learning how to walk how much more would our loving Father take care of a church who has the power of God on leashed in such a way that the manifest presence of God comes and he is free to heal hearts to restore to deliver to set free to reconcile to advance his kingdom to stir hearts and to bring a revival in a revival you ever read about the big revivals guess who was the first one their Holy Spirit. It took people to. It took people the stand in unity generally they were a small crowd but Holy Spirit came and it blew up into this incredible revival where multitude are saved and healed and re stored and. I my brother in law he’s a pastor in Ohio and remember him saying God had promised him. Through the mouth of prophets this certain ministry was going to break forth and he said he began to cry out the God when he came would not come until he would die because of God came in a revival form that only lasted a few years and then just kind of blew away you said I don’t think I could bear it. I want you to come Holy Spirit in the way where we are receptive to what you have to say and we are willing to do what you say and if I look foolish then I will look foolish it’s a hard thing because see the reality of the presence of God blowing through this place the reality of it means that people are going to talk people get saved people are going to talk people are going to get healed and people are going to talk and family members are going to question and people are going to start stepping back because that one was a little weird or that I want. My heart is great. Because I have seen it and I know what happens. I personally know this was a hard word for me because God has been dealing with my heart because I’ve stepped back. It’s hard when you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere because people think it was a little out there and when you worship your Shout is a little too shrill an economist’s me uncomfortable and when you dance it makes me embarrassed because I can’t do it too it makes me look bad when I’m serious I had somebody I had a pastor tell me not to dance on stage and more because the person next to me said they felt stupid because they didn’t have the same freedom I had so he shut my freedom down so that person would feel better. Now because I love and honor this man I went to him privately and I said Is this really what you’re telling me because of that is I don’t need to be a stay on stage to dance and worship my God I’m just wanting to obey the scripture pastor apologize apologize to everybody on stage the next Sunday and he said please I want everyone dancing because this shows this shows that we are walking in the things that God has for us doesn’t mean if you don’t dance you’re not walking in God No but God has specifically said to you I want you to be free and worship and I want you to dance and rejoice and I want you to shout and I want you to find your face and I want you to kneel before me I want you to dance do it. And those are all expressions you know the only place I could be wrong and honestly if I am I am open to correction but I do not believe there is a scripture anywhere that tells us so we can sit and worship the Lord. To stand kneel shout raise your hands prostrate. Jesus spins around violently Wouldn’t that make people talk and he does it over us because his love for us is so great how can I not do the same for my love. I think we get so caught up in religion sometimes though we forget that our God. Is wonderful good father and aren’t Cheesus is the most beautiful friend that we ever have how Holy Spirit is a tender that’s why we’re told Do not grieve the Holy Spirit. Because his heart is for us and he is saddened when we don’t let him lead us and direct us. So I know I spend a lot of time in this particular part but I think it’s so large in my heart I believe it’s because god wants this people to be a people who are free to worship and praise their God and live their life without condemnation without sickness and disease unless he wants to show himself off again and then he may give us an opportunity for a season loss to show why feel of the show how much he loves us he likes other people to see how much he loves and sometimes for the glory of God we get sick and it’s no fun to be sick and I’ll tell you what I cannot wait to see the dead raised rom not sure I want to volunteer. Can you imagine seeing Jesus face to face being called back what is that. That’s just. What I want to stick it. To those who are God is he has ways that we don’t understand and he has thoughts that we don’t have. And so when he starts to do or say things sometimes we get lost in the shuffle because it just doesn’t seem like it should be God does that I mean I think you’re EASTLEY God is light and there is no shadow in him and then haven’t there will be in the light because she’s this is the light and yet when he came in minister to Abraham he flooded the earth with darkness. That’s how Abraham knew he was in. Darkness came. And when he called the Israelites to the foot of the mountain God came and in the shadow and in darkness and he spoke. But he is light and there is no shadow in him so how did he do that I don’t know and I don’t care I want him to be God and I want him to help me to know what that means to have my boxes broken every time I get a box I want it broken because I don’t want my God to fit into anything that I can control because that is not God So first point is this our sermon like first point. God wants to fill every one of us here a fresh and new with the power of His presence the Holy Spirit and He wants us to be willing to love him no matter what I want to read something out of. This little book this is really kind of funny because I really struggle with reading and a good friend of mine gave this to me and I looked at and went thanks. His such a good book and if any of you ever want to borrow what I am telling you you will be spurred on like never before it is the complete collection of John G. Lakes teachings. So I found I don’t have to read it from cover to cover I can pull up subjects and I can read and that’s what I’m going to do I’m just not going to read you a lot I just love the way that he expressed it. And I can be dramatic and I can be crazy but I just want you to hear his words. He went with another brother to pray for a person who had been sick very very sick now this John G. like he had already been walking in the ministry of healing he had seen many people healed already. He said As we entered the home I felt a great calm resting upon me I did not feel to join in the conversation this brother proceeded to instruct the sister from the word concerning her healing and I sat in a deep leather chair on the opposite side of the room my stall was drawing out in a great silent heart cry to God Oh Jesus. I so long for the baptism of the Holy Ghost but I feel someone worthy. So far from you. But Christ if it is possible to be baptized would you baptize someone like me. Please. I am so hungry. So tired of trying. So weary of doing things myself I’m sick of sin. Sick of self. Sick trying. To kick other working. Etc etc I read that I thought oh wow Lord is there anybody a church Sunday morning that won’t be able to feel like they’ve said this or felt like this before. Presently a great quiet. Came upon me deepening rapidly into a piece such as I had never before known experienced a quiet spirit soul and body. My being was suited up perfectly. So deep. So quiet. My mind was perfectly still. I said. What is this. The Khan of God. Is this the baptism of the Holy Ghost Now I’m not going to read any more but. I love I love that this man of God who already was moving in the power of the Spirit had come to place well once again he needed. More he needed more I can paraphrase the rest spirit guy came on him in such a way that he began he felt like he was going to fall over but the chair was real deep he said and I held him in place and then. He felt his whole body start to shake and then the man who is ministering with him called him over to pray and he said he was afraid to touch the fragile elderly woman because his hands were shaking so violently he was afraid he would dislocate her knack. And so he barely touched her with the tips of his fingers. And he said lightning. Came through him and into her and into the man who has had his hands on her. The power of God is like nothing we know and he wants to move like nothing we’ve ever seen because God is new every day to us that means the old is gone it means that what happened yesterday may not happen the same way tomorrow but if it’s God is good and it will do what we’ve been crying out to do to be a church on fire. A church on fire. When I met my husband he was a man on fire he was filled with the Spirit he spoke in tongues and I was a mass and yet I was so impressed with this man of God who would not go to bed if he had not time that he wanted to spend with God So even if it was the next day like one in the morning he would go home from our date and he would spend his time with God and be in the war because he loved him so much and we got married the contrast was embarrassing because I was raised in the church and I knew the word but I had so many wounds in my heart that needed healed and I didn’t even know you know looking back you can say wow I had this not the other but at the time I was just miserable and I didn’t know why the same like God wasn’t quite keeping up his end of the bargain for me because I am a newly married woman who was raised in the church and knew the Bible and here’s my husband who didn’t know the world like I did and he walked in peace and joy in the Holy Spirit and when I was miserable he would pray for me in a language I’d never heard before and I knew it was tongues because I asked God for tongues because I was raised in a church to believe the whole Bible he just didn’t see it happen in a whole lot. And I really really really really really wanted what he had because when he was discouraged and he was downcast and he was struggling I wanted to pray for him with the same power that he prayed for me. And one day I went to a meeting and I actually got filled the spirit it was like so cool and I could say with two words and they said now just pray and pray and pray in that language it will increase something and OK and I prayed and prayed and prayed at home the first day I prayed and prayed and prayed I said my two syllables over and over and over and over and over and then I looked at the clock and it had been a minute and a half. A minute and a half do you have any idea how hard it is. Say two words over and over and over and over and over and. Yet like you I say it’s so much of the it’s like OK let’s go on to something else please but God in His mercy added to it and added to it I am saying this because I want you to know I don’t know where you’re at I don’t know here who has actually been filled with the spirit or has the manifestation of speaking in tongues or if you’ve been feel the spirit but it hasn’t been released from your mouth yet or if you just want it because it’s a new and and you’re a new and a lord and never did it yet I want to encourage you there is power in the name of Jesus and there is power in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit so if you haven’t heard the Encourage you’re not we’re going to have a time of prayer afterwards and I’m going to ask the pro team to come up and anybody who wants prayer for the end sort of the Holy Spirit for the manifestation of times for more of God. Then we want to be praying. OK so. Back to chapter two when the people asked the question Peter gave the answer and he unfolded the scripture as I said earlier and five thousand five thousand were added to the church that day. The day in our life what is the life of a believer supposed to look like. There’s a guy at work that will put us to shame a man’s always bubbling and he’s a know Jesus he has no need to know Jesus he’s God altogether his life’s a mess and he knows it but he’s happy I believe that. When Peter spoke and he challenged people and they god spirit was there who opened up their eyes of their understanding to know that they needed Jesus they were filled with joy who becomes a believer and doesn’t get filled with joy. I mean seriously if you became a believer and your first thought was Wow So guys like wow this is great and P.S. I’m excited if that’s not happen then I would go back and say God did I miss something because I want it all and if that wasn’t a part of the package then I know what I missed it maybe i should the door to for a quick so I want more open the door back up let God fill you with his joy how is a world going to know that they need Jesus of we are not walking in the spirit and in the spirit is righteous and this peace and joy. So when I go to work. And I don’t the hunger to get through this day and I’ve got so much to do in this person’s on your show up and then this person saying what we can do and I go. I have to repent I wish that I got a penny every time every penny because a penny would make me a wealthy woman because I am so easily distracted by myself by my circumstances and I have cried out for years God help me I don’t want to be bound by my circumstances I want to flourish in the midst of them and he’s given me many opportunities you would think I’d be a good study by now. I’ve been convicted over and over again because I want God to do I want God to be seen in me and if Jesus is the light that I should be glowing. If Jesus is the one that I can fully trust with all of my life and know that only good will come from it I should have peace and joy and hope and faith and confidence and when things come my way I disobey God God it. Is good to see you guys going to hear it’s going to be good because this is a nasty trial but you’ve got to really do some good you know to come to a place like that that’s when the world knows. That’s when the world knows I want a restaurant one time and we were going to another church and little fast food joint and. We went in the lunch after church and there was a brother that was there from the church and he had ordered a meal and they did it wrong and he was mean. It’s like I didn’t ask for this do you guys going to get this right and my heart was like oh God. Please don’t let them know he’s a believer you look really bad you right now. Unfortunately we can see that in other people behave often do we see it in ourselves. How often do when do I how often in my aware of when I am in a grocery store and I can’t find what I need and they have it because there’s a little sign but it’s gone and I needed it that night because I’m making a meal in this is important right so you get grumpy as I can’t believe they’re out of this again I mean I don’t think of it at that moment that somebody might be watching me see there are so many things that we do in our life that either will encourage people to want to be like us or it will discourage people because if we do not represent Jesus Christ in our everyday life they are not going to want it. They knew Peter. Maybe not everybody but Peter had a reputation he had to have had he walk with Jesus for three years he walked on water he denied Christ I mean this is a man you know the people know him at least some of them dead and now they see a transformed man of God a transformed man of God who was bold and able to express the scriptures in such a way as they could grab a hold of that’s an incredible thing. That causes people to stand up and take notice. And what I love about all of this is that it wasn’t a beginning to an end. It was the beginning to a continuation. Because after that day was over. People kept getting saved. They kept getting paid because they saw people’s lives transformed because they watched a community of people who cared for one another and who did not have the lack. Of that you know some of these people had to go to work I mean everybody didn’t just give up their jobs or move to the mountaintop and stay there and grow their own groceries and and kill the animals and all where hides I mean these people there were some wealthy people in there but we know that they work because of the book of Acts as you have been reading through not you know that there were people who specifically were spoken out that they did this for a job and that they were wealthy and they only lands there was there was people with money and there was people with that lack But nobody nobody had lack when they were part of the Body of Christ and I remember hearing just the garden ten years ago he said the scripture that said back on Leave It was. A lie Joe when he stayed with the woman. In the upper room that she should have had the prophet share of the Prophet in and he wanted to blast her isn’t going to do for you she’s I don’t have any needs I’m among my own people that’s what God wants he wants us to be able to to see one another as family in such a way that there is no lack and it is hard. I am so convicted about Stole many things when I see the lack in my life because I choose other things. And the reality of the fact that I chose the other thing it wasn’t that it was. Forced onto me. But life is full. Full and if you’re working and and you have family and and you have your house to keep up and you’ve Mills prepare a laundry to do and and you’re working and then you come home you’re trying to do this you’re trying to that you want to be with your friends at least some because we need friends and we need family and we need we need we need we need and that’s all reality and nothing is wrong nothing is wrong. I was listening to a teaching and I. Was with the names today Mike they call. And he on a few anybody hears from others Mike because he’s a powerful man of God He God used him to found I hop which is International House of Prayer his prayer going twenty four seven and he has. Worship going twenty four seven. And he also is known as the ministry he founded the ministry of friends of the bridegroom and his love and passion for the kingdom is incredible and he has this teaching called Mary of Bethany and I’m not going to go into the teaching but I’m going to tell you something that stood out to me like I never saw before we always hear about the you know how when. Mary broke. The alabaster jar and the perfume filled the room and she anointed Jesus before his burial and. People again the leaders of the church they were appalled how can anybody be so wasteful. So wasteful. A waste all that on one person a whole year’s wages down the tube one moment one man Good grief that sold that thing and fed the poor per year how wasteful and Jesus came to her defense. Because it was the most precious thing she had. Just like the woman who only had two mites. A couple pennies to put an offering it was all she had and Jesus looked at that as oh it was the same thing as pouring out that perfume because God doesn’t look at what we have in value like we do he looks at our heart and what we’re willing to give him and are we willing to give him the most precious time I willing to give him the most the everything that we have. What really stood out to me was that the word perishing actually means waste. People are perishing as that with Jesus is saying as people who are perishing are being wasted. Because the life that I have for them. To know me and to fulfill a destiny to see my kingdom be established and to reign with me forever and haven’t it’s been wasted I created this life for a purpose and it’s being wasted people are perishing and John three sixteen tells us it’s not my for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish they will not be wasted. Who they are with their creator for will come to life. But I never heard it put this way. When we stand before God. As believers what will he say. Where did we waste the talents he gave us. You know according to Mike Bickle he said he doesn’t believe the talents are like OK this was ten talents so that means that you know they can dance and they can saying and they can teach and I guess they can preach and they vandalized and that’s not what he believes he believes the talents are the the ability of being seen publicly. The ministry that God has for them is going to be more known if you have one talent maybe not in not so known maybe you only preach a couple times a year at New Hope and and that’s your one talent. But what did you do with that talent he said that’s where he believes the thirty sixty one hundred folds going to come. If a farmer has enough seeds to plant for a harvest and he gets one hundred fold one hundred return on the seeds he planted he says that’s a good year if he gets sixty he wished it was one hundred but hey I’ll take it. Over half of what I planted he gets thirty he may not be so excited but he’s grateful if he won’t starve. He said What is it that God has called you guys called you he’s given you abilities in gifts to be who you are on this earth. Will you waste what he gave you. Or will you use it for His glory. He said words clear some we’re going to get to heaven I always picture this. You know we’re not all guaranteed to become an end of the kingdom with a Well done good and faithful servant that’s our decision. God says it can happen but we have to choose it how do we spend our time and what are we going to do with it when we look at the lives of the believers at Pentecost and what they began to do when the church started it was to see that the church spread and they used everything they had to make sure that there was no lack in the make sure that others heard the good news and they loved on one another and they cared for one another and there were disputes because people are people and thank God Heaven is haven’t. And it’s not like Earth at all. What are we doing with what God will give us and even today as God pours out on us and we are reinvention don’t really challenge what we do with us where we take it and when we use it for the kingdom are always set aside because we have other things that we want to do and we’re not just doing like Jesus did who was only doing what the father told him to do he watched and when he saw a god was doing he did it and if we’re willing to do that then our life is not wasted we don’t know what it looks like everybody’s different everything that God will say to us is going to be individual because he’s an individual guide to us he is my daddy and I am his favorite and I can say that because I am confident that everyone here can say the same thing because he is no respecter of persons we’re his favorite Only God can do that and I’m good with that I don’t mind sharing the throne with everybody else. There’s all this my dad is the one who sit on it. So I wanna as we look at the sober reality of what God is doing in this people at this hour this season of the church we’re asking God what do you want us to do that’s different because what we’re doing isn’t working God We need you to come and we need you to manifest your way yourself here and we want you to have your way and we want you to use me. Any way you want to use me and I want you to change my heart where I’m not willing and I want you to forgive me my doubt when I’m hanging on to the faith that I think I have. And I want to hope to be stirred up in each one of us because God is far from done with all of us he has a destiny we know the destiny we know the word God’s not slowest son with think he has a destiny but it comes in His timing and part of his time and I believe this is our fault. Because of we don’t rise thank God not going to make us. Worship. God and worship when you raise your hands I don’t want to god. God I don’t want to do this can I put my arm back please let’s stop no you must worship with your hands up God doesn’t do that he doesn’t do that and if any of you ever notice it God tells you to do something the enemy comes and he says don’t do that because if you do that you don’t go stupid and then if you don’t do it that same enemy comes and says Why don’t you do what you’re really bad. You know just. I love the reality of how wicked Our enemy is and how good our God is because even when I miss it God gives me a second chance because he’s every damn difficult and this is a redemptive word and even though it sounds khana. Serious and sober it’s because it is because serving our God is filled with joy and peace but it is a decision we have to make every moment of our day. So as you look on through. Acts two it says that they did continue to gather and he continued to add to their numbers daily so I just want to remind you all that a day in the life day in my life is a powerful day it’s the only day I will ever have for that day today is the eighth never have an October eighth ninth two thousand and nineteen while two thousand and seventy I will never have another one never and if I waste it it’s gone and if I use it. It stays in the heaven for her. And if we start looking at our eternity like that then we will be able to do the things that Paul did and Peter did and. John G. Leigh did you know that John G. like could hold a germ in his hand and it would die. Because it touched him. Divine healing this man paid a great price to get the destiny that he had but if you asked him about the price he paid he would say it was nothing compared to the joy of knowing us. If you look at the price the martyrs pay and then it was for life. If you talk to those that are suffering in prisons and you asked them was it worth the price your pain they would say we took it as a joy to sorrow for the one who saved me he loves me so much I love him and I may be in this little cell and I may be hungry and I may be called and I’m I have to see rats every day. Jesus he never leaves me and he never for snakes me and he is with me and he strengthens me and he gives me opportunity to share with people who don’t know him. This is a mindset that the church has lost church Big C.. It’s everywhere. There’s believers on fire out there flying with Jesus and we all wish i could do that and then there’s people who are struggling to climb that mountain but they’re not going to give up because they know that they are on a journey and it is a good journey and then there’s those who say you know what I don’t care anymore I have struggled and fell and I have fought the good fought fight but you know it hasn’t been too great because I’m still lose and and on target Tryon they’re all there and every one of them had a decision to make who is going to be in charge of their life. So a sober word I hope that it encourages you to know that it’s not what you’ve done in this not where you are but it’s who he is and where he is taking us that is glorious and everything that you feel you have lost he is going to restore and everything that you thought was held you back he will remove He is here to heal and to restore and to reconcile and just have free because that’s who are Jesus is and it comes through the power of the end feeling of the Holy Spirit coupled with our willingness to do what he asks. So I’m going to close on that. One to make sure I had the whole chapter. Thank you Father. Thank you Father thank you. Thank you. Father we acknowledge that you work. Here were. Like you there is no other you along you alone rule and you alone reign in righteousness for. And of your king down. There’s no end. You are in through around in the heavens and yet you dwell among us you are in everything because by you and through you and for you has all things been created and you call us by name you know me. I never have to wait in line to get your attention. I never have to talk louder or raise my hand because when I come to you you already know before I get there what I’m going to say anyway and yet you love for me to come because that time with me is more precious than you to use and I can even come and. Help us father to have our thinking process has changed so it lines up with you it lines up with your word we then can know who you are and we can walk in who we’ve cut been called to be and we know that you will empower us to do so because you are faithful. We can’t do anything without you but in you nothing. Is impossible. So Father I ask that everyone here whether they’re new in the lore all in the Lord or somewhere in the middle whether they’ve been sold the spirit or whether they’ve been looking at or maybe didn’t even know about it the father wherever we are at here this morning I ask that you would take us on to the next step that you would make us more hungry and more thirsty for the kingdoms purposes and the Kingdom of God to be established here like you said because the kingdom of God is righteousness. Peace and Joy let us be a people who are able to walk in joy and in peace so that when we go get groceries and when we see our mailman they know there is something different please help us to recognize those things that we do that are not of you those things in the flesh that come out when we’re not paying attention Help us Lord to be quick when we hear something come out of our mouth that just say I’m sorry I did I should have said that please forgive me I’m sorry I should have done that please forgive them star this is an attitude that is not Godly please forgive me help us to be quick so that we can not waste time. But that we can use our time to be wasted for you like the perfume that was poured out and help us to not care what our neighbor thinks and help us they’re not worried about how we lock. To help us God to say as David did I can be more on dignified than what you see right now because I don’t care as long as Jesus Christ is lifted up that is all I care about. Help us God to become our radically saved people. Who want you to be glorified in everything we say and everything we do. We love you so much and we know others the more. That we’re here for again this morning. To get re regrouped and headed towards the more so that every day we think this week we find more of you. That we’ve become so passionate about this lover of our soul who is already passionate for us. Chooses.