At New Hope, we encourage ministry of the Holy Spirit in our church services. To provide a safe place for the gifts to flow, we ask that you keep to the following guidelines:

If you have a prophecy or other ministry gift, please go to the prophetic team in the right, front of the church. They will determine the timing of your word.

We ask that all prophetic words be cleared through the prophetic team and then spoken into the microphone so that they can be recorded for future application.

Please do not give prophetic words to people personally in the church without going through the prophetic team. This protects people in the church from “parking lot prophecy” that can be confusing. It also protects you from being accused of prophesying something false. Personal prophecy should be given tin the presence of an altar worker or prophetic team member.

We have trained altar workers for ministry at the altar. It’s important that we know is ministering in the church. If you are interested in altar ministry, please sign up for the training class.

Anytime you question whether to minister to someone or give a prophetic word, feel free to go to the prophetic team. They will direct you to the appropriate way to minister in the church.
We encourage freedom of the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit in our services. We appreciate you submitting to the leadership of the church in the use of the gifts to avoid confusion.