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Fatherhood Survival


This morning, we come together to celebrate and honor fathers.  Fatherhood is one of life’s greatest adventures, joys, and at times, challenges.  One thing that we quickly learn as a parent is that you never know what to expect when it comes to your kids. They can say or do some of the most amazing […]

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Today, we celebrate fatherhood. Being a father is no simple or easy task! We live in a culture that demeans the role of fatherhood often. TV shows often portray woman as the superheros of the family and men as idiots who can’t seem to get anything right and the role of father as unnecessary to […]


This morning, we come together to honor and praise mothers! Being a mother is no easy task.  In today’s culture, the demands and pressures placed on mothers are intense.  The stereotyped mother of today’s culture is one who organizes and manages her household entirely and with excellence.  This true supermom is able to handle with […]

Successful Fathering


Happy Father’s Day! Being a father is an honor, a privilege, and one of the most awesome responsibilities that one could have.  I’m going to start this morning with this tribute to the life of a dad. *COTM Dad’s Life Video * We’re given the opportunity to lead, train, and equip a child during […]

Relationships: Parenting


This morning, we’ll be starting a new message series on relationships.  Any time that we open our lives up to another person, we can experience deep and meaningful relationships with them and create great memories that last a lifetime, but we also run the risk of getting just as deeply hurt by them.  It’s well […]