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Why Is Pentecost So Important?


This morning, we come together to celebrate Pentecost Sunday!  The word Pentecost in the Greek literally means “the fiftieth day.”  Who here is excited about the fiftieth day?!?!  Well, fifty days in and of itself isn’t anything to get all that excited about.  However, after this morning, we will understand why Pentecost is actually so exciting to […]

The Holy Spirit In You


What if we were intentional about our faith?  What would our community look like if we did just one simple act of love a week?  What if we built a habit of carrying out the primary mission of the church: to destroy the work of the devil? The same Holy Spirit that rose Jesus from […]



This morning, we come together to celebrate Pentecost Sunday! I felt that this morning, the Lord wanted us to have a little less talk and a lot more action! However, so that we can all celebrate together, we’re first going to review what Pentecost Sunday is all about. Pentecost literally just means fiftieth. The Pentecost […]

Stay Filled

This morning, we come together to celebrate the Day of Pentecost!!!! Pentecost, meaning fiftieth, is the day on which Jewish men and women celebrate Shavuot; the festival of weeks.  It is celebrated seven full weeks (50 days) following Passover and is a time of sacrifice and offering.  It is now also a time of remembering […]


Last week, we learned much about the person and the works of the Holy Spirit as revealed through the Bible, which He inspired.  This week, we’re going to learn how to receive the Holy Spirit and to stay filled with Him. A phenomenon that becomes difficult for us to wrap our minds around is that although the […]

The Holy Spirit

This year is flying by fairly fast as spring has finally sprung!  It’s a busy time of the year for many of us as we begin to dig into the projects around the house that we’ve been forced to put off until winter passed. Normally, when working on a project, there is a project manager […]

Spiritual Warfare

Last night, God spoke to me and changed the direction for this morning’s service and the message.  I felt that instead of learning about the person and works of the Holy Spirit, that we were to cover the subject of spiritual warfare.  This will not be an all-inclusive coverage of the subject, but should be […]