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Acts: No Pressure


This morning, we’re celebrating pastor’s appreciation month, but for me, the real celebration is you all. It overwhelmingly blesses me that people voluntarily choose to come out here to New Hope to praise, grow, and serve together. We’ve been blessed with an amazing church family and it is an honor to serve Jesus together with […]

Acts: A Day In The Life


[The below text has been machine translated and may contain errors. Please listen to audio for original and integral translation] Well I’m excited this has been a fun study. I am going to speak on Acts two this morning and I was looking at it to try to. See what all God has because you […]

Acts: Expectation


This morning, we’re beginning a new message series as we go through the book of Acts. Our goal is to learn from the methods, successes, and even failures of the early church. After all, this first group of disciples were the first ones to determine what it meant to be the church and had no […]