Messages from September 2017

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Pray, Act, Speak


This morning, we continue to bring into focus the first part of God’s vision for New Hope, to gather in the lost, and the third part of this year’s vision to be connected with the world around us. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly speaking a message to those around us. We […]

inFocus: 3G

The elders of New Hope remind us of God’s vision for our church to Gather, Grow, and Go and how we each play a critical role of fulfilling it.



This morning, we’re going to be entering a season of prayer and fasting together as a church. I sense that there are so many things that Jesus desires to do in and through our church and in this community, but that there are some things that we need to work on and change before He […]

Reach Out: Action


This week, we’re continuing our message series on reaching out. In this series, we’re learning some tips on how we can be more effective at seeking and saving the lost just like Jesus did. So far, we have learned about how Jesus reached out to people where they were and how He did so in […]