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Christianity is known as our faith. Our doctrines are referred to as our articles of faith. We do things as acts of faith or take leaps of faith. The church building is known as a place of faith. The people that meet within it are called a people of faith or a faith community. When […]

Together: Spiritual Gifts


This morning, we’re continuing our message series entitled, “Together” where we’re learning more about the often neglected gift of the Holy Spirit of uniting people together. We’re learning how we, the church, are part of the fulfillment of the prophesy given by Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry bones. We’ve begun by learning about the […]

Resurrection Power


[The below text has been machine translated and may contain errors. Please listen to audio for original and integral translation] Well I think most already realize today is Pentecost Sunday so that’s a big deal you know that’s a big deal for us so we’re we want to celebrate Pentecost together today the outpouring of […]