Messages from May 2017

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Together: Peace


Tomorrow, we celebrate Memorial Day. Although for most, this is simply a day for picnicking with family and friends, for others it is a grim reminder of the family and friends that we’ve lost in the line of battle or of those away from home currently ensuring peace within our nation’s borders. At this time, […]

Together: Love


This morning, we’re continuing our message series entitled, “Together” where we’re learning more about the often neglected gift of the Holy Spirit of uniting people together. Though it’s been almost a month, the opening message reminded us how we, the church, are part of the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s vision where the valley of dry bones […]

The Wise Woman


Today, we come together to celebrate motherhood. In the beginning when God created man in His own image, He chose to do it in a unique way that leaves us guessing and speculating about why He chose to do so. He first created a man, formed out of the mud. God called everything that He […]