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Memorial Day


Today, we join together just a day before we celebrate Memorial Day.  To many, it’s a day for families to join together and picnic on a relaxing day off.  The establishment of this holiday, however, is so much more.   It is intended to be a national day of remembrance; a day to remember those who […]

Why Is Pentecost So Important?


This morning, we come together to celebrate Pentecost Sunday!  The word Pentecost in the Greek literally means “the fiftieth day.”  Who here is excited about the fiftieth day?!?!  Well, fifty days in and of itself isn’t anything to get all that excited about.  However, after this morning, we will understand why Pentecost is actually so exciting to […]

How to Fail Successfully


This morning, we celebrate Mother’s Day!  We cannot even begin to emphasize just how critically important mothers are to us.  To be completely honest, not a single one of us would be here without one! I felt very strongly that the Lord gave me a message to share this morning on how to fail successfully. […]