Messages from March 2016

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I AM: The Resurrection


Three days ago, we gathered to remember the suffering and death of Jesus.  We recalled that though He was sinless, He became sin for us, taking on the penalty that we owe and paying a debt that we incurred. Today, however, we celebrate that HE IS RISEN!!!  Jesus is alive!  And now, He sits and […]

Palm Sunday: Worship


Last week, we learned about the essence of what worship truly is.  We learned that worship is more so a lifestyle than it is a simple song or genre of music.  To truly worship is to lay down our lives and to exalt God; the only one truly worthy of our worship. With this in […]



This morning, I felt the Lord leading us on a short detour from our “I AM” message series to cover a subject of great importance. This morning, we’re going to learn of an action that is very simple, yet has profound results.  It is something that we all were created to do.  It is something […]

I AM: The Vine


We’re continuing our “I AM” message series this morning.  However, we’re going to modify it slightly.  We are still only sticking to the direct quotes of how God describes Himself since how we view Him to be so easily distorted.  However, we’re taking this month to take a look at specifically the “I AM” statements […]

Giving Up: Expectations


This evening, we join together during this Lenten season to continue our “Giving Up” message series.  Tonight, we’re being encouraged to give up expectations. I chose this topic because it at first seemed contradictory to me. When it comes to approaching God, I believe that expectation is something that we should actually passionately seek to […]