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Change Ahead


This week, we’re continuing our message series based on NBC’s TV series, “AD.” This morning, we’ll be taking a look at what the scriptures reveal about Saul and four significant life lessons that we learn from his life. First of all, no clearer picture of the need to know God – personally through relationship and […]

Scattering Seeds


This morning, we’re continuing our message series based on NBC’s TV series, “AD.”  In last week’s episode, we met the great apostle Paul who wrote half of our New Testament.  Well, we met him before he met Jesus and had his name changed from Saul to Paul…  We witnessed the intense persecution that began to […]



This morning, we come together to celebrate and to honor mothers. Motherhood was God’s idea and creation.  Motherhood is the foundation of civilization by God’s design because it is the foundation of marriage and of family.  This morning, we’re going to take a look at some of the mothers found in the Bible.  These women […]

Take A Stand


[The below text has been machine translated and may contain errors. Please listen to audio for original and integral translation] So I got a question for you Have you ever had to take a stand. Have you ever had to stand up for something that you believe in. Yeah and you know when we stand. […]