Messages from January 2015

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God Is… Awesome


This morning, we continue to dive into the depths of who God is. God’s love is so vast that it is beyond measure.  It is so great, that it is the essence of who God is.  Living in these days of God’s abundant love, mercy, and grace that we freely receive through God’s salvation is […]

God is… Master


Well, here we are.  A new year, a new vision, new mercies, new grace, a fresh, new start! As we begin into God’s vision for New Hope this year, “Commit to Know God”, I felt that God wanted me to launch in a way that I hadn’t planned.  I wanted to focus on how God […]

2015 Vision: Commit to Know God


Last week, Dave shared a message explaining a bit about why vision is so important.  It is for the purpose of sharing God’s vision for our church in the upcoming year that we’ve gathered this morning.  It is vision and revelation that God chooses to use to communicate to us.  God, having created us, knows […]

Why Vision?


So here we are in 2015!  Many of us are making resolutions and commitments that in some way, this year will be different; this year will be better!  This is awesome, because that is also God’s will for us.  He has plans to give us a hope and a future, to prosper us and not […]