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Grow and Multiply


How many saw God’s promises come into existence last week? Maybe by means of a healing, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, being saved, being called by God, encouraged and built up, etc? How many felt that begin to fade throughout even this past week? This morning, we’re going to learn why this often occurs […]

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Today, we celebrate fatherhood. Being a father is no simple or easy task! We live in a culture that demeans the role of fatherhood often. TV shows often portray woman as the superheros of the family and men as idiots who can’t seem to get anything right and the role of father as unnecessary to […]



This morning, we come together to celebrate Pentecost Sunday! I felt that this morning, the Lord wanted us to have a little less talk and a lot more action! However, so that we can all celebrate together, we’re first going to review what Pentecost Sunday is all about. Pentecost literally just means fiftieth. The Pentecost […]

re:THINK – Judging Others


This morning, we’re continuing our message series entitled “re:THINK”. In this series, we’ll be dealing with the issue of repentance. Repentance is a churchy word that’s been given a bad reputation by critical and judgmental people and churches. However, repentance is necessary and really quite encouraging. Repentance is all about re:THINKING and repurposing our lives […]