Messages from October 2013

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Break Free!


Last week, Dave shared a challenging message on sharing our faith; about how the gospel is good news and has no expiration date (it’s not old news!).  We were reminded that there is no lack of bad news that people receive, but we have the divine opportunity to share God’s powerful good news with them. […]

Better Than Sacrifice


Control.  Everyone desires to have and maintain it and everyone feels uncomfortable and fearful without it.  This is one of the key reasons why more people feel safer driving a car than flying in a plane.  Statistics prove that air flight is far safer, however, our lack of control over the flight deny the facts. […]

Living Beyond Emotions


Emotions.  We were created with them whenever we were formed in the image of God.  They are amoral – neither right nor wrong in and of themselves.  They can be invoked and changed easily and instantly, well, unless you are Chuck Norris… All of this being said, what role do emotions play in the kingdom […]