Messages from February 2013

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Simon Peter


Good evening, for those of you who do not know me, I am the saint, apostle, disciple, and sinner Simon Peter.  Ever hear someone use the term ‘For Pete’s sake…’ when they get frustrated?  Well, I’m that Pete that they are referring to.  I’m also the Peter that wrote the letters included in your Bibles of first […]

The End: Only the Beginning


We have heard many rumors of the certain coming of the end of the world.  All of these rumored dates anxiously came and caused many to fear, many to celebrate, and many to doubt.  Yet all of those dates have come and gone and yet we’re all still here.  Recently, there have even been increasing […]

Weathering the Storm


Life can be rough sometimes!  Just as the weather can change with little or no warning, winds of change can come into our life quickly and unexpected storms come raging in with all of their power and fury and leave us in a whirlwind.  These storms come not only to those who have not accepted […]

Ash Wednesday


To those who are not informed, Ash Wednesday and Lent is a very strange time.  It’s a time where people walk around one Wednesday with dirt on their forehead, eat fish on Fridays, and give up sweets or other things that they like. Tonight, we’re going to take a look at what this season is […]

Leading to Victory


The vision that God gave us here this year is that each one of us would be able to realize and grab hold of the fact that ‘iCan!’; to grab hold of the incredible potential that each one of our lives possess through Christ.  We are being called to give God our ordinary lives and […]

Connect: God’s Word


This morning, we continue our message series entitled ‘Connect’. We’re going to learn a bit more about who God is, what He is like, and how we connect with Him. Today, we’re going to get practical about the Bible.  The Bible, or God’s word, contains the answers and direction that we need for our lives.  […]