Messages from October 2012

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Overcoming Fear


This morning, we’re going to take a look at an often misunderstood, yet very powerful emotion that God created within us – fear. Fear in the Greek is the word phobos, which is where we get our word phobia from.  Fear has two definitions depending on the context.  It is either a strong and unpleasant emotion caused by the […]

The Harvest


As the year quickly fades away, we find ourselves in one of my favorite seasons, fall!  So many changes come with the season as the temperatures and leaves begin to drop.  It’s also the season of the harvest.  All of the hard work spent in the spring and summer months plowing, planting, irrigating, and weeding […]

Kingdom Culture: Victory (Part 2)


This week, we’re continuing our new message series entitled Kingdom Culture. In this message series, we’ll be learning about the culture in the kingdom of heaven and how to have His kingdom come and will be done here on earth. This begins by replacing our values, attitudes, goals, and practices with His and allowing Him […]